Common Job Application Mistakes

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Making mistakes is part and parcel of life. However, the stakes are high when it comes to your job hunt. You’re competing with others, so ideally you don’t want to make any mistakes at all. Like other recruitment agencies in London, we’re used to seeing a range of mistakes amongst candidates. This guide should help you avoid the common ones so that you have the greatest chance of success.

1. Spelling and grammar errors

Those applying for office support jobs in London need to show that they possess high accuracy and attention to detail. Simultaneously, they need to show that they can communicate clearly and effectively, and represent the company well. As such, hiring managers are looking for job applications that are free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

And yet, applications riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes often come through.

Avoid this mistake: Check, check, and check again. Get someone else to look through your application, too.

2. Not following instructions

Hiring managers are busy and need to know that you can understand and follow instructions if you’re searching for office support jobs. They will filter out applicants who fail to follow directions, such as which email address to use or what to include with your application.

Avoid this mistake: Apply for fewer roles and take more time paying attention to the specific instructions for this role to get it right.

3. Being too generic

There’s a large amount of admin involved in job hunting, so it’s tempting to streamline the process by creating a generic CV, cover letter, or application. Similarly, you may only do generic preparation for an interview. This short-changes your application and means you definitely don’t highlight your suitability against the role’s specific criteria.

Avoid this mistake: Again, apply for fewer roles, but take time to tailor your application for each one. Alternatively, use one of the best recruitment agencies in London to position your generic CV appropriately, so that you can put more effort into aspects such as researching the company prior to interview.

4. Limiting your application

In a competitive job marketplace, and for somewhat generic roles such as office support, you need to go beyond the basics with your application. You need to identify what it is about you that makes your application stand out. This may be something like showing how your values align with those of the company. At interview level, it pays to show what you can bring to the role that goes beyond the basic scope.

Avoid this mistake: Chat to your consultant at your recruitment agency and find out what makes you unique from other candidates. They can advise if you are struggling.


The simplest way to overcoming job application mistakes is to use a London recruitment agency specialising in your career niche. Amongst recruitment agencies in London, we stand out for supporting candidates, and this extends to helping you apply for roles without making mistakes.


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