Questions to Ask to Discover If a Temporary Job Is Right for You

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When looking for London-based temporary jobs in admin, personal assistance, and office support, you currently have a lot of choice. While it can be tempting to simply grab the first job you’re offered, it’s best to take a more controlled and organised approach. It’s ok to ask questions of your temporary role recruitment consultant or the prospective employer to find out if it’s going to be a good fit for you. 

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So, what questions can you ask to reveal if this is the right position for you?

  1. What do other temps say about working for the company?

    You could ask what the company is like to work for, particularly if you’re addressing your recruitment consultant. However, a good way to get a more honest answer is to ask what previous temps thought. You can also look at the company’s website and get a feel for their ethos and culture.

  2. What are the main duties?

    Don’t make assumptions from the job title but ask specifically what you will be doing, and check that this matches the experience you’re hoping to gain from your next role. This will help you assess if you have a suitable skill set to do well in the role, too.

  3. Are there any additional opportunities?

    For temps, it’s important to consider if this is a dead-end position (which may suit you), or whether there may be an opportunity to make the role permanent. Alternatively, you may be able to cover other duties or projects that will increase your experience in the areas you’re interested in.

  4. Will training be provided?

    It’s so important for those in temporary jobs in London to ask this question. Just because you are a temp doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be adequately equipped for the role. There should be a clear training pathway and transition into the job. It also helps establish which skills you absolutely must arrive with.

  5. Why is this role temporary?

    Fantastic insight can be gathered by asking this question, as it uncovers the employer’s reasoning. You may discover something that makes you love the idea of this role more, or even something that makes you a little wary. For example, does it reveal that the employer can’t hold on to their permanent staff? Or does it show that the business is growing and an exciting place to be?

Securing the best temporary jobs in London

You have choice when it comes to temporary jobs in London and, as such, you should approach each potential position with an open and questioning mind. This way you can discover if the role will prove to be a valuable stepping stone in your career and deliver everything that you want it to.

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