Skills Employers Will Be Looking for after Covid-19

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Recruitment agencies in London are starting to spot some interesting patterns and rising trends in the job market. Now that businesses are returning to a new normal following Covid-19, employers are definitely starting to focus on a slightly new and distinct set of skills in their prospective candidates.

Here we dive into each of these skills and explain how you can showcase and develop them.

Resilience and agility

It has become clear that resilient and agile employees carry businesses through their toughest times. Flexibility is simply a must-have, and the ability to cope with change and uncertainty will make you stand out from the crowd.

Resilience and agility applies to a unique and robust work ethic that employers need in order to feel secure in their staffing decisions. It shows that you can work independently and deal with challenges as they arise.

Use keywords on your CV, such as adaptability, resilience, collaboration, and cooperation, and explain times when you weathered organisational change. You can build resilience in the workplace through experience, but also by exposing yourself to new and challenging situations like temping.

Digital and IT skills

Prior to Covid-19, there wasn’t much room left for those without excellent digital skills. Now there’s none. The tech-focused workplace is here to stay, and you need to demonstrate that you aren’t just comfortable with IT, but capable of utilising tech to maximise efficiency and productivity. 

If you’re unsure which skills to develop in your own time, make them tech skills. From database management to basic programming, these skills elevate your employability. There are lots of free opportunities online, even on YouTube.

Leadership skills

Being pushed into remote working suddenly highlighted who had true leadership skills and who didn’t. While leadership isn’t a new skill, it is now needed at every level. Employers need to know that individual recruits will lead the way to cohesive teams, a sense of community, and accomplishing company goals. 

There are many ways to develop leadership skills, but most importantly,  you need to put yourself out there. 

Emotional intelligence

We’ve learned the importance of diverse teams, but for them to truly function well they need to include individuals with high degrees of emotional intelligence. Employers are specifically asking for this in a way they never have before. 

Emotional intelligence can grow through practice. It is demonstrated at interviews through polite, professional, and intuitive conversation. Your personality needs to shine so the prospective employer can visualise how you will fit in the existing team. Show that you’re going to be an asset across the board, not just in your area of technical skill.

Looking for work after Covid-19?

With employers opening up their offices once more and business life moving into a new normal, businesses are hiring again. Candidates are in high demand, so finding a job is easier than it has been at any other point of the pandemic. Update your CV to showcase the skills that employers are particularly looking for right now, and you’ll position yourself as one of the strongest available candidates.

We’re here to help you secure the role you want. Find out more about being a Love Success candidate and how to apply.


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