The Myths About Job Hunting in a Recession

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Job hunting during a recession can be scary. Myths about how job seekers are doomed always circulate and some recruitment agencies perpetuate them. We, on the other hand, are a London recruitment agency that will be honest with you about the myths of job hunting in a recession. Here, we bust the most common untruths about job hunting in economic downturns.

Myth 1: No one hires during a recession

This is nonsense. Overall, there may be fewer available jobs during a recession, but this tends to be selective. Some industries will actually need to bring more talent on board. There are always companies looking to hire, especially in capital cities like London.

We think this myth gains traction because of the greater competition for every job available during a recession. Fortunately, the UK is entering this recession with very low unemployment rates. Even for February-April 2020, unemployment was still estimated at 3.9%. This puts us in a strong starting position.

What matters is being the best candidate. Your starting point is choosing the right recruitment agency to offer you support as you sell yourself to employers.

Myth 2: No one recruits the unemployed

Employers are, understandably, interested in why you’re unemployed. However, once they discover it’s down to redundancy rather than laziness or being fired for gross misconduct, they no longer care.

What they will care about is whether you’ve used your downtime productively. They may expect to see that you’ve done some temping, embraced training opportunities, or done voluntary work.

During a recession, employers are more understanding of those who have been made redundant.

Myth 3: No one recruits anyone over 50

Many office support workers in London worry their age is against them when trying to secure a new position.

However, the best employers are interested in skills and proven ability, and age discrimination is largely illegal under the Equality Act. If an employer discriminates based on age, they’re missing out. Guided by the best recruitment agencies, employers will focus on skills and experience.

Nevertheless, make sure you’re up to date with the latest software developments. We offer free software training to help you with this.

Myth 4: No one will match your old wage

There are some instances, particularly during a recession, where it may make long-term sense to take a role with a pay-cut. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically have to accept less pay.

You’re still likely to be paid what you’re worth — and can expect to get that much. However, we understand that it can feel harder to negotiate wages during a recession. A good solution is to use a recruitment agency. They’ll have a clear understanding of market conditions and be able to carry out salary negotiations for you.

Get help from those who understand

We’re not saying that looking for a job during a recession isn’t daunting. What we are saying is that you should ignore myths that leave you feeling hopeless and despondent. Instead, get us on board and we’ll match you to office support jobs in London. Become a Love Success candidate today.


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