How Can You Become an Employer of Choice in a Candidate’s Market?

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Read our News section and you’ll know that we—and all recruitment agencies in London—are constantly reminding employers that we’re currently in a “candidate’s market”. This gives the impression that employers are automatically put on the back foot. However, when it comes to recruiting in a candidate’s market, all you really need to know is how to become an employer of choice.

An employer of choice

When there’s a glut of skilled and suitable candidates, the candidates are less discerning. They take the roles they can find. However, in a candidate’s market, the onus is on the employer to be attractive to the best candidates. It’s the employer’s opportunity to stand out. You need to be an employer that the candidate is keen to work for, over and above any other. Central to this is the concept of employer branding.

Employer branding

You probably know the importance of branding to your company. However, employer branding is how your company is perceived by its employees and candidates. Within your employer brand, there are a number of different elements.

The employer’s brand incorporates such things as competitive salaries and benefits. However, there are other concepts within it, some more tangible than others. Reward schemes and loyalty schemes are part of it. So are your strategies for enabling work-life balance for your employees. Training and development are also important.

All of these elements and more come together to entice a candidate to want to work for you.

The role of the recruitment agency

As a London recruitment agency, we see how our role is vital to supporting and extending employer branding. Along with the elements above, the recruitment process forms a central thread to employer branding. From the moment a candidate hears of you, throughout applications and interviews, the process needs to be efficient and streamlined.

A London recruitment agency, especially a specialist one like Love Success, can help employers in the capital to showcase themselves as an employer of choice. We take the hard work out of the employer branding process.

How a recruitment agency can help

By using a trustworthy and reliable recruitment agency, you should feel confident that your vision and values, existing standing as an employer, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and all the other elements of who you are as an employer entice the very best candidates to you.

Recruitment agencies are also vital for creating efficiency when you use temporary roles in London, as many employers are doing strategically to manage recruitment in a candidate’s market.

Navigating the recruitment process

It does take a little more effort to navigate the recruitment market as an employer when it’s a candidate’s market. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Think about your employer branding and use a recruitment agency you trust and you’ll soon become an employer of choice.

Find out more about how we help clients succeed in their recruitment endeavours in the recruitment market—whatever the climate.


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