Everything You Need to Know about Temp Work in London Right Now

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It’s a fantastic time for temp work in London. Firstly, the very nature of temporary jobs in London has changed for both employers and candidates, giving them greater status. Secondly, there’s more temp work in London available due to Brexit uncertainty. As the landscape of temping in London has changed so much, what do you need to know?

Who is temp work in London for?

Temping in London really is for anyone. It’s a valuable career path whether you do office support, PA, or administrative roles. Typically, we see a few different types of temping candidates:

  • The travelling temp: We welcome temps from throughout the UK and overseas who are looking for the London working experience. If you’re coming to the UK from abroad to do temporary jobs in London, make sure you know everything there is to know about temping in London from abroad, such as visa requirements.
  • The flexible lifestyle temp: Many of our temps have chosen to undertake this stage of their career through temping because of the flexibility it brings. This works well for parents returning to work after parental/maternity/paternity/adoption leave. It also works well for those who require a unique approach to their work-life balance, for example, if they carefor a sick family member.
  • The boosting skills temp: This type of temp is booming in popularity and availability. These temps have taken the conscious decision to embark on temping as a strategic way to boost their skills by gaining varied experience.

What temping positions can I apply for?

Until fairly recently, temporary office support jobs in London were typically low-skilled junior-level positions. They may have focused simply on holiday or absence cover and they worked on the basis of minimal expertise needed.

However, now there are a huge range of temping positions available across all levels in office support, PA, administration, and secretarial roles. We’re currently placing temps as receptionists, HR officers, operations managers, finance administrators, social media specialists, business assistants, office managers, and more.

If you’re unsure which roles you’re best-suited to, your Love Success consultant can help. Plus, our Web Lounge is open Mon-Fri from 8 am until 6 pm. You can come in and use our online training facilities to boost your skills in particular areas.

How does temping in London work in practice?

Much of your experience with temping depends on which recruitment agency you choose. We strongly recommend you choose one that specialises in your area, such as office support jobs.

From there, always keep your consultant in the loop. Work closely with them and they’ll help you navigate temp work in London, whether it’s completing timesheets and claiming holiday pay or securing your next assignment.

You can find out more about temping in London in 2019 by downloading our Guide to Temping.


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