How to Improve Your Interview Confidence

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It’s perfectly natural to feel nervous before an interview. However, if you’ve missed out on roles you were ideal for because of interview nerves, then it’s a good idea to work on your interview confidence! At our leading London recruitment agency, we know a thing or two about interviews, so here are our top interview confidence boosters.

Know your stuff

One of the best ways to improve your interview confidence is having belief in your knowledge. Prepare a list of questions you might be asked at interview, and practice your answers with friends or family members beforehand. Make notes on your key examples and points to mention, then re-read these notes repeatedly in the hours leading up to your interview so you really know them.

Know the company

Another confidence booster is being very familiar with the company you’re interviewing for. Do your research beforehand and get a good grasp on their history, products, and services before the big day. Ensure you understand the company, their values, and what sets them apart from their competitors. You can find this information on their website, social media, and printed material.

Reframe your thinking

To improve your confidence, replace negative thoughts about your interview with positive ones. Instead of thinking about your interview as a daunting task, reframe it as just a conversation to help your potential employer find out more about you and decide whether you are a good match for them. Bear in mind it’s also for you to see whether the company is right for you, so have some questions planned to find out more about the company.

Remember why you’re there

Although interviews can feel scary, remember you’ve been invited to interview because the company believes you have something to offer them. Having reviewed no doubt numerous applications, they chose to interview you. This means they genuinely believe you could be the candidate they’re looking for. It may be worth re-reading the job description beforehand to remind yourself of how your skills, talents, and qualifications match up with the role.

Be prepared

An easy way to improve your interview confidence is getting prepared beforehand. Prepare your interview clothes the night before, plan your route, and get an early night before the interview. Eat before your interview, as hunger can have a negative impact on interview performance. Arrive in plenty of time, so you’re not rushing and make a great first impression.


Even though you may be nervous, you’ll give the interviewer a better impression if you relax before you enter the interview room. If you’re a smoker, you might be tempted to have a cigarette to calm your nerves, but the smell of smoke can be off-putting to employers, so wait till after. While you’re waiting to go in, take some slow breaths to keep calm and remind yourself of how suitable you are for the role.

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