Top Tips on How to Refocus Your Career

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When it comes to jobs, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut, lose sight of your work goals, or go off-track on your career path. If you’re feeling demotivated, bored, or unchallenged at work, it may be time to refocus your career, so you can get things moving or get closer to realising your career ambitions. At our leading London recruitment agency, we love to help candidates find a job that inspires them, so today we’ll look at how to refocus your career.

Update your goals
If you feel your career has come to a standstill, the first thing to do is draw up a new set of goals and identify ways to achieve them. People often lose sight of their goals when they’re settled, especially in permanent jobs, so regularly updating your goals is important. Think short-term, such as a new temp job, and long-term, like your dream role, or that top PA job in London.

Break them down

When you’ve decided on your goals, you can identify small, achievable ways to move towards them. A lack of career focus can make you feel low and powerless, so it’s worth reminding yourself of your long-term plan when fatigue sets in, whether you work in temp office support roles or fast-paced EA jobs, and keep making small steps towards achieving your goal.

Track your progress

Return to your career plan frequently, tracking your steps to push things forward and adding your new achievements. Don’t expect your employer to acknowledge your achievements every time you do something well—so keep track yourself and proactively ask for feedback on how you’re performing. It might also be worth enrolling on courses outside work to develop new skills and widen your pool of opportunities. 

Boosting visibility

Establishing an online presence can help ignite your career, by bringing new opportunities and widening your network. Setting up your own blog/website or even writing a book can help you display your talents to the public and potential employers, or lead you in a new, interesting direction.

Refresh your CV

If your goals involve applying for new jobs, then it’s time to refresh your CV and identify ways to make it more appealing to employers. Simply changing the layout of your CV can make a big difference and get you noticed. Always ensure your CV is up to date, including any recent training and projects.

Take on a challenge

If you’re currently employed and don’t want to move on, but you’re not feeling challenged, ask your employer whether they can change or extend your duties. If you’re a team assistant, could you take on a temp PA job? Or if you’re feeling confident in PA jobs, could you try out a more challenging EA role?

Do you need a career change? 

If you’re really stuck in a rut and are tired of your line of work, it may be worth considering a career change. You may have gained more transferable skills than you realise, and could apply these to a new role in a different sector. Sometimes, it’s important to take risks rather than waiting for things to change naturally.

If you’re looking for something new, give our team of recruitment experts a call today, and we can help you find temporary and permanent PA jobs, office support jobs, and great new opportunities in London.


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