How to Make a Successful Career Change

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People change careers for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you’ve gone as far as you can in your current role? Or perhaps your work no longer suits your lifestyle? Changing careers doesn’t have to be the big gamble it’s often portrayed to be, and at our top London recruitment agency, we’ve helped more than a few people change career, so today we’ll look at how to make a successful career switch.

How long have you felt this way?

It’s wise to avoid doing anything hasty, but if you’ve been feeling dissatisfied with your career for a while, it may be time to take action. Make sure the source of your unhappiness is genuinely your career though, rather than other factors in your life. Before making the leap, you might want to ask your employer whether they have any opportunities for development. If things really have come to a dead end, then start exploring new avenues such as job sites and top recruitment agencies.

Identify your ideal role

If you know you want to leave your current role but don’t know what you want to do next, it may be worth seeing a careers professional who will assess your experience and suggest possible opportunities. Speak to friends, family members, and recruitment agencies to get inspiration on what to do next. If you know which area you want to move into, network as much as you can to get your name out there and speak to people with experience in your chosen field.

Plan the switch

When switching careers, drawing up a plan is important. You might need to initially take a pay cut to make up for your lack of experience. So first, decide how much money you need to live comfortably. Is the new career worth taking a pay cut for? You may also need to undertake training or gain more skills before applying for the new role. Do you need to do an additional qualification or develop new skills first?

Small, valuable steps

Try not to rush the change or set an unrealistic deadline for yourself, and instead take small steps towards your new career goal. In this way, switching careers doesn’t require as much effort as you might imagine. Simply gaining a valuable contact through networking and having a chat can mean big progress. On your plan, track the steps you’ve taken towards the next chapter in your work life so you can see your progress.

Take time on applications

Make sure your CV is up to date with your strengths, experience, training, or qualifications before applying for new jobs, emphasising the transferrable skills you could use in your new career. It’s best to spend time perfecting applications for a few jobs rather than firing off ‘one-click’ submissions for a host of roles, as recruiters can tell if applications have been tailored towards specific jobs or are generic.

Get help from professionals

With careful planning and small steps, your career change can be a great success. However, if you some extra need help with changing careers, then get in touch with our team of recruitment experts. We specialise in office support jobs, secretarial and receptionist roles, temporary and permanent PA jobs, and top EA and PA jobs in London and further afield. So, if you’re looking to work in these areas, we can help you make the switch.

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