Returning to Work after Having a Baby

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Returning to work after having a baby can be tough, and there’s no “right time” to go back. New mothers may find it hard to resume work after having a baby for many reasons. Some fear they will have lost their skills, be off the pace, or no longer fit in with their colleagues. But returning to work after maternity leave doesn’t need to be a nightmare, whether you’re returning to your old role or starting a new job. At our top London recruitment agency, we love to help women get back into the workplace after maternity leave, so here are our top tips for returning to work after having a baby.

Ease yourself in

Many experts suggest working part-time initially to ease yourself back into work. You might also want to meet up with colleagues to reconnect before you go back if you’re returning to the same company. As more and more tasks can be performed from anywhere, you may be able to work from home a few days a week or even full time by asking your employers, especially if you work in office support roles.

Take note of new skills

Although you may feel a bit rusty in your office skills, raising children means you improve in valuable areas such as multitasking, problem-solving, prioritising, and managing time. So, don’t dismiss the new skills and experience you’ve obtained from having a baby. If you need a refresher on your previous skills, consider taking a course and keeping up to date on industry issues and news while on maternity leave.

Consider full-time work

While many mothers look for part-time work, don’t be put off by full-time roles. Many full-time jobs have negotiable hours, so it’s worth seeing whether you can come to a child-friendly arrangement that fits in with your lifestyle. Many companies and organisations offer flexible hours some even provide on-site childcare. Remember, you’re not alone, as four out of five UK employees are working parents.

Finding a new job

If you’re looking for a new job after having a baby, there are many methods to find work. Don’t just look online, but also network to find other opportunities, get in touch with old colleagues and former managers, and speak to organisations who could benefit from your skills. You could also speak to a leading recruitment agency who can help you find work suitable for returning mothers.

Think outside the box

Returning to work after having a baby can provide an opportunity to do something different. You could set up your own freelance business and work from home. Or, like many new mothers, you could opt to volunteer for a few hours a week to get back into working life. You could also take it as an opportunity to pursue further studies, which might help you gain your dream job in the future.

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