How to Make Your Work Life Better If You’re Unhappy at Work

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According to a recent study, a staggering 56% of UK employees are unhappy at work! We spend many hours of our lives at work, so it’s vital that we’re happy in our jobs and workplaces. As a leading London recruitment agency, we want everyone to be happy at work—so today we’ll look at what to do if you’re unhappy in the workplace and how to improve your work life.

Identify the cause

The first thing to do is take some time—when you’re not at work—to think about why you’re not happy there. Are you experiencing workplace issues? Is your work boring? Do you feel like your job has no purpose? Do you wish you had pursued another career? Knowing the reason for your unhappiness is important, as it means you can then start doing something to improve the situation.

Are you experiencing workplace issues?

Sometimes, the reason we’re unhappy at work is because of workplace incidents such as bullying, harassment, stress, issues with colleagues, or a toxic workplace culture. Don’t just accept or ignore these situations. In these cases, the first port of call is to speak to your boss, or if the issue is your boss, speak to HR or a union rep. If you’re overloaded with work, your boss may be able to help reduce the workload.

Do you lack enthusiasm for your work?

If you don’t feel enthusiastic about your job, it may be because you’re bored of the work. If so, speak to your boss about whether you can take on some more challenging work, or consider applying for a promotion. For example, maybe it’s time to make the step up from your PA job to become an EA. One suggestion to improve enthusiasm is intentionally focusing on the good things about your job and the things you’ve achieved every day. Sitting down and writing a list of the positives can help you see the good side of your job.

Do you lack pride and purpose in your work?

Workplace unhappiness can be caused by feeling that our work doesn’t add value or has no purpose. In this case, speak to your manager to see how your role fits in the organisation and adds value. Seeing the value you add can help you take pride in what you do. Don’t feel that you just have to stick to your job description either. Consider what you can do to add more value in your role and in your workplace. Maybe you work in a receptionist role, but you can take on some team assistant responsibilities, arrange a charity event, or create social opportunities for your team.

Do you feel undervalued and unappreciated?

Maybe you’re unhappy at work because you feel undervalued and unappreciated. This might be because your company doesn’t offer workplace benefits, you don’t get thanked for what you do, or you’ve been passed up for promotion. If this is the case, sit down with your boss and have an honest discussion about how you’re feeling. They may be able to offer an incentive, a temporary promotion, or speak to senior managers about the company’s benefit scheme.

Do you feel unconnected?

It may be that you’re unhappy at work because you feel lonely and isolated. It’s important to have good working relationships and a social network you can talk to in the workplace. If you feel unconnected, start building better relationships with your colleagues. Start conversations, take an interest in people, and be more friendly.

Is it time for a change?

Alternatively, it may be that you’re unhappy with the job itself. Or maybe you feel like you’re in the wrong career. If so, it might be time for a new job or to change career. For more information on looking for a new job or switching career, check out our blog. If you’re looking for a new job in London, our recruitment experts can help you find temporary or permanent PA jobs, receptionist and office support roles, and more. Feel free to get in touch today if it’s time for a change.


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