Planning a Career Change in 2018? A Six-Step Guide to Changing Career!

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In light of recent gender pay gap findings, media discussions on automation replacing jobs, and Brexit potentially affecting certain industries, 2018 is the year when many people are considering a career change. At our top London recruitment agency, we’ve helped many people change career—to one they love! If you’ve been considering a career change in 2018, here’s our step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Make a decision

First, you need to decide whether you definitely want to change career. Think about your reasons for wanting a change. Is it that you hate your current job? If so, perhaps you can do a slightly different role within your company. Maybe you work in a PA job but you’d prefer an EA role.

Is it that you’re unhappy with your company? In this case, maybe you could do the same role but for a different company—one that aligns with your values. Do you dislike your industry? If so, consider whether your job exists in another industry.

Or is there another career you always wanted to pursue? Did you end up in the wrong career? These questions will determine whether a new career or a new job is in order.

Step 2. Do self-analysis

When you’ve decided a change is needed, it’s time to assess yourself. Objectively consider all of your skills—both the job-specific and transferrable ones. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Think about your long-term vision for your life, and your short- and medium-term goals. Write a wish list for your dream job—does it include job security, flexibility, innovation? Consider your values in life and what’s important to you—be it helping others or working for an ethical company. At this stage, it’s helpful to do some self-assessment career tests.

Step 3. Research roles and companies

Now it’s time to research potential jobs, industries, and companies that interest you. Career tests often give you a list of suitable jobs, and you might already have some jobs or companies in mind. At this stage, don’t limit yourself—research all of the roles that interest you. Maybe you’re interested in a receptionist job, but through research you realise you’d rather be a team assistant. Start broad and narrow your search down as you research the roles. You may also want to speak to a career advisor or recruitment agency to see what jobs might be suitable for you.

Step 5. Find out more

Once you’ve limited your search to a handful of potential careers, get out there and meet people who do the job to find out what it’s really like. If your friend is a PA and their job sounds interesting, meet them for a coffee and have an honest chat about the job. Or you could contact some PAs and ask whether they’d be up for an informal interview. Attend industry events and speak to people. Research the job requirements, read about the industry, and follow industry news and relevant social media accounts.

Step 6. Make a plan

By this stage, you should know what’s required for the job and what you need to do in order to change career. Maybe you need to take some short courses, do more formal studies, or simply gain some new skills. Perhaps you need to gain more knowledge of the area, or build a bigger network. Your plan should contain short- and medium-term goals to gain your dream role.

If you’re thinking of changing career and you need help finding your dream job, get in touch with our recruitment team at Love Success PA and secretarial recruitment agency today. We can help you find your dream job—whether it’s a temporary or permanent PA job, an office support role, a receptionist job, and something else entirely.


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