Balancing the Personal and Private as a Top PA

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Having a healthy work-life balance is something we’re constantly told is essential to keep us happy and motivated in our everyday lives. But what happens when you work as a personal assistant to a high-profile individual? How can you maintain a personal life of your own when you need to be available around-the-clock, working to your boss’ schedule?

There’s no denying that maintaining a healthy work-life balance when you work in a permanent PA job is tricky, but it is possible. As the leading London PA recruitment agency, we’ve helped numerous PAs to find their dream job and stay happy and healthy in it. So here are our top tips to help you strike that perfect balance.

Draw careful boundaries

When you start work in your new PA job, set some clear boundaries from the very beginning with your boss. Talk to them about when it’s appropriate for them to call you directly outside of working hours. Perhaps you could suggest that any communication after 8pm should be restricted to calls and texts, except for in emergency situations. If you have family responsibilities, make sure your boss understands this from the beginning, and ensure you carve out time for yourself every week. It could be during the times when your boss hits the gym, or when they spend time with their own family. Work together to find a compromise that suits you both and ensures your boss’ needs are met.

Switch off from time to time

Giving yourself a break every now and then will ensure you’re most effective when you’re actually in the office. Make the most of the annual leave that you’re given—it’s there for you to use after all! If you’re worried about taking time off, or if you’re concerned that a replacement or temp PA won’t be able to keep up with your workload (resulting in increased pressure when you return), consider arranging your holidays at the same time as your boss. You should also make the most of your evenings and weekends to unwind and de-stress. Get out in the open and go for a walk, watch a film, read a book, or spend time with friends—it’s important to take part in activities that aren’t related to your work in any way. Leave your work in the office—don’t be tempted to bring it home with you.

Keep personal and professional separate

Keeping your personal and professional lives separate from each other is a good way to help maintain a work-life balance. If the boundaries between the two become blurred, you can find it hard to know when you should be working and when you can actually relax. Keep two phones—one for your private communications and one for all professional interactions. Try not to socialise with your boss outside the workplace, unless it’s an occasion when you’re actually working as an executive assistant, such as a company function or a business trip.

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