Temping Tales – the funny and unique experiences of temporary office workers in London

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In London, the world of temporary office support jobs is as varied and vibrant as the city itself. As a  leading recruitment agency specialising in office support jobs, we’ve been privy to some of the most amusing and extraordinary tales from temps. These stories not only highlight the diversity and unpredictability of temping in London but also the adaptability and spirit of those who work in these roles. For some light-hearted reading, perhaps while you’re in the midst of a job hunt, we thought we’d share some of our favourite Temping Tales!

Sudden party planning

First up is Simon, who found himself in a rather peculiar situation on his very first day. "I was hired for what I thought was a standard admin role. By noon, I was asked to help set up for a surprise office party, which included blowing up balloons and even dressing as the company mascot. It was unexpected but ended up being a lot of fun," he shared.

Meeting celebs

Then there's Priya, whose temp role took her to one of London's most iconic buildings. "I was expecting a typical day of data entry but was instead asked to assist in organising a VIP event. I ended up giving a tour to some celebrity guests, sharing information I quickly crammed from a pamphlet," she recounts.

Priya's experience underscores the unique opportunities that temporary roles can offer, opening doors to experiences one might not have in a regular job.

Discovering unexpected talents

Another memorable tale comes from Jamal, who discovered an unexpected talent thanks to his temp job. "I was asked to fill in for the receptionist, and part of my job was to greet visitors in French. I've never spoken French before, but with the help of Google Translate and some creative sign language, I managed to pull it off," he laughs.

Jamal's story is a humorous reminder of the resourcefulness and quick learning that temporary office support jobs in London often require.

Unusual colleagues

Sofia, meanwhile, found herself in the midst of a canine caper. "My boss decided it was 'Bring Your Dog to Work Day' without warning. I spent the day puppy-sitting while trying to juggle my actual work. It was chaotic but hilariously memorable," she recalls.

I wasn’t expecting that!

Elena's story adds another layer of mystery to the world of temporary office support jobs in London. On her second week at a law firm, she found herself embroiled in a mystery worthy of a detective novel. "I was given the seemingly mundane task of organising old company files. However, amidst the folders, I stumbled upon a series of cryptic notes left by a previous employee. Each note was a clue that led me on an office-wide scavenger hunt, culminating in the discovery of a hidden stash of vintage company merchandise!" This unexpected adventure not only broke the monotony of her day-to-day tasks but also earned her the nickname 'Sherlock of the Office'. It also helped her get to know her colleagues quickly, but is definitely the most unusual tale we’ve heard.

Expect the unexpected with temping

If you love variety, then temping in London’s office support jobs could be for you. Don’t miss out on temping opportunities by registering with us.



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