Outdated CV writing tips and what to do instead

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Are you ready to revamp your CV and make a lasting impression on employers in London's office support jobs market? It's time to leave outdated advice behind and embrace modern strategies for crafting a standout CV. Yes, there really are trends when it comes to CV writing, so you need to make sure you’re in CV-fashion when it next comes to applying for jobs.

Let's debunk some common myths and explore fresh alternatives to elevate your CV game.

1.    Objective statements (that are meaningless really)

Gone are the days of generic objective statements at the top of your CV. Instead of stating what you're looking for, focus on showcasing your skills, achievements, and career aspirations. A powerful personal statement or professional summary can grab the attention of hiring managers and provide a snapshot of your value proposition in office support jobs in London. Predominantly, employers are looking for what you will bring, not what you want. It’s your job to only apply for roles that meet your own objectives.

2.    Lengthy CVs

In the era of information overload, recruiters appreciate brevity and clarity. While it's tempting to list every job you've ever had, a concise and targeted CV is far more effective. Tailor your CV to highlight relevant experience and skills for office support roles in London, keeping it to a maximum of two pages for optimal readability. If you’re having problems ditching the waffle, get your recruitment consultant at Love Success to take a look for you.

3.    Unnecessary graphics and design elements

While a visually appealing CV can catch the eye, excessive graphics and design elements can distract from your content. Instead of fancy fonts and elaborate layouts, focus on clean formatting and strategic use of bullet points, headings, and white space. This ensures that your CV is easy to read and suitable for Applicant Tracking Systems, increasing your chances of success in office support jobs in London.

4.    Listing references

Including references on your CV is no longer standard practice. Save valuable space by omitting this section and instead provide references upon request. All of a sudden you’ve got more useful space. Use that space to showcase your skills, accomplishments, and relevant experience, painting a compelling picture of your suitability for office support roles in London.

5.    Overemphasis on duties

Hiring managers don’t want to read job descriptions. While it's important to outline your job responsibilities, focusing solely on duties is uninspiring and meaningless. Shift the focus to your accomplishments and contributions, quantifying results wherever possible. Highlighting achievements demonstrates your impact and value to prospective employers, making you a more attractive candidate.

So throw out your old-style CV and come up with a compelling modern version that will get you noticed. With an excellent CV you will stand out from the crowd and be well-equipped to land your dream role in office support.

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