A week in the shoes of a London accounts manager

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Today, we're giving you an exclusive glimpse into the world of an Accounts Manager, a role that is as challenging as it is rewarding. Join us as we explore a week in the life of Jamie, who has navigated the bustling world of finance in London for over five years.


My week kicks off with a strategic review. I sift through emails and prepare a to-do list, prioritising tasks for the week ahead. It's crucial to stay organised, as the pace in the office can be relentless. Today, I focus on setting quarterly goals for my team, ensuring we're aligned with the broader company objectives.


Tuesdays are for face-to-face client meetings. Navigating here and there across London, I meet with clients to discuss their accounts and address any concerns. These interactions are vital, not just for maintaining relationships but for understanding client needs on a deeper level. Fortunately we have a team PA whose job it is to coordinate all the meetings which makes everything run smoothly.


Midweek brings the data crunch, as I delve into financial reports and performance analytics. Today, I'm analysing cash flow statements and budget forecasts, identifying areas for improvement. It's a day of deep focus, reflecting the analytical side of being an Accounts Manager. Despite the challenges, it's rewarding to uncover insights that can drive the company forward. I tend to pull in different team members for assistance and info with different areas, so it’s also a good chance for check-ins before my usual Thursday approach.


Thursdays are dedicated to team development. I conduct one-on-one meetings with my team members, offering support and guidance. As someone who has grown through various office support jobs in London, I understand the importance of nurturing talent. It's gratifying to help others develop their skills and watch them thrive in their roles. We’ve got a few inexperienced team members who need particular support.


The week wraps up with reflection and connection. I review the week's achievements and set up plans for the following week. It's also a time for team bonding, often over a casual lunch or a team activity. Building a strong team spirit is essential, especially in our line of work – we have to work effectively as a team. I also tie up various loose ends on Fridays.


The weekend is my time to recharge and I guard it quite well. I expect my team to and so I set the expectation by creating strong boundaries around my personal time. This means that come Monday, I'm ready to face the challenges and opportunities of a new week.

Being an Accounts Manager in London is more than just numbers; it's about strategic thinking, relationship building, and team leadership. It's a role that offers endless opportunities for growth and learning.

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