Top habits of successful PAs

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PAs are the backbone of the professional world, seamlessly navigating the complexities of many different businesses. Ever wondered what sets successful PAs apart? Let's delve into the top habits that underpin the excellent of these professionals, with accounts from accomplished PAs across various organisations.

·      Prioritise with purpose

Amelia, an Executive PA, emphasises the importance of prioritising with purpose. "Being an Executive PA involves juggling numerous tasks. Prioritising with purpose ensures that I focus on what truly matters for the executive and the team. It's about strategic time management."

·      Communicate effectively

Raj, a trilingual PA, highlights the significance of effective communication. "In a city like London, being a trilingual PA is a unique role. Effective communication is key, not just in terms of language but also in understanding nuances. Clear communication ensures smooth operations. It’s important even if you only use one language in your PA role!"

·      Embrace adaptability

Sara, works as a temp PA, going into many different businesses. She values the habit of embracing adaptability. "Temping in various roles has taught me the importance of adaptability. Each office environment is different, and being flexible allows me to navigate diverse challenges with ease. It's a crucial habit for success."

·      Ensure excellent attention to detail

Natalie highlights the significance of attention to detail. "As a PA, every detail matters. From timelines to documentation, precision is crucial. It's the small details that contribute to the success of larger projects. PA roles are increasingly focused on project management."

·      Build strong relationships

Lillia, a Team PA, stresses the importance of building strong relationships. "Being a Team PA means working closely with diverse personalities. Building strong relationships not only fosters a positive work environment but also enhances collaboration, making the team more effective."

·      Nail time management

Zainab, values time management mastery. "As a PA, I wear many hats. Time management is my secret weapon. It's about allocating time wisely, staying organised, and ensuring all tasks are completed efficiently."

·      Confidentiality is a non-negotiable

Daniel, a Legal PA, emphasises the habit of maintaining confidentiality. "In the legal field, confidentiality is paramount. As a Legal PA, I handle sensitive information. Developing the habit of discretion and confidentiality is essential for earning trust and credibility, but I think confidentiality is vital in all PA roles."

·      Get confident with tech

Priya highlights the importance of tech-savviness. "Technology is our toolkit. You have to feel confident with tech to excel in a PA role."

·      Solve problems, don’t moan about them

Maxine values proactive problem-solving. "Work days can be unpredictable, and you have to roll with that. I thrive on solving problems before they arise. Anticipating challenges and having solutions ready ensures smooth execution."

·      Keeping learning new PA skills

Annalise points out how important new skills are. "In the London workplace, staying informed is crucial. You’ve got to know what new processes might help, or if there are relevant tech or law changes coming. You’ve got to stay ahead of the game."

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