How to settle on your office support niche

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Office support is a very broad term and there are huge variations within it. Finding your niche is a game-changer. To help you navigate this exciting journey, we've gathered wisdom from some of our candidates who have successfully carved their niches with our support. We are the leading recruitment agency in London specialising in office support roles and we know how broad the role types can be, and we’re skilled at helping people find a satisfying career.

1.    Embrace variety

Becky believes in exploring different roles early on, "Don't be afraid to try various office support positions through temporary jobs. It helps you discover what truly resonates with you. What’s great if you choose Love Success as your temping agency is that you can then go on to find a long term position through them."

2.    Play to your strengths

"Discover and recognise your strengths," advises Nathan. "Your natural abilities can guide you towards the niche where you'll excel. For example, I’ve got a good head for numbers, so I tried out a few different roles in finance and accounting, before settling on a career in credit control."

3.    Get inspiration from what you do

"Look for inspiration in your daily tasks," says Grace. "What aspect of your job energises you? That's a clue to your niche. I found that I felt great when supporting others and being involved at the top level. That’s why I’m now an Executive Assistant."

4.    Connect with others

"Networking is crucial if you’re not sure what you want to do," emphasises Damien. "Connect with others in your desired niche, attend events, and build relationships. But don’t forget that you can also chat to your consultant at Love Success. They might have ideas you’ve not thought of."

5.    Take calculated risks

"Take calculated risks," suggests Isabella. "If an opportunity aligns with your interests, go for it. Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone leads to your ideal niche."

6.    Use temporary roles

"Temporary roles can be your testing ground," explains Ethan. "They allow you to explore different sectors before settling on your niche. If you register with Love Success, they will help you figure out your transferrable skills so that you can try out different options and gain experience."

7.    Be open-minded

"Be open-minded," advises Chloe. "Your niche might not be what you initially imagined. Stay receptive to unexpected opportunities. I thought I was going to develop a career in education, but discovered I actually love the corporate world. I’m so glad I too the chance to discover that."

8.    Trust your instincts

Usman highlights intuition: "Trust your gut feeling. If a particular role excites you and aligns with your values, it might be your niche."

9.    Adapt and evolve

Samina values adaptability: "Your niche may evolve over time. Stay flexible and continue learning to stay relevant. I think it’s really rare for people to pick a career for life these days."

At Love Success, we understand the importance of finding your niche in the world of office support jobs in London. We're here to support you on your journey, offering guidance and opportunities. Register as a candidate and we can help you on your way.

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