The lessons learned from temping

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Temping brings a huge range of benefits – from flexible working to gaining experience and industry exposure. But it’s often misunderstood. In this article we’ve asked for some snippets from some of our successful temps about what it’s like temping in London and anything they would recommend to wannabe temps.

Embracing versatility and adaptability

Elijah explains, "Temping in London has taught me the importance of being versatile and adaptable. Each assignment presents unique challenges and demands, requiring me to quickly acclimate and demonstrate flexibility. This ability to thrive in diverse environments has not only expanded my skill set but also made me a more marketable candidate for future opportunities."

Building a broad network

Jade shares, "One of the greatest benefits of temping in London is the opportunity to build a broad network of professional contacts. Working with different organisations and teams has allowed me to forge valuable connections, which have often led to permanent roles or opened doors to new career paths. Networking is a powerful tool that should not be underestimated."

Rapid skill development

Steph told us, "Temping has accelerated my professional growth by providing me with exposure to a wide range of tasks and industries. The fast-paced nature of temporary assignments has forced me to learn quickly, adapt, and expand my skill set. Each role has been a stepping stone towards becoming a more capable and confident professional."

Proving your worth

Leo reports, "Temping in London offers a unique platform to showcase your abilities and prove your worth to employers. By consistently delivering exceptional results in temporary positions, I have been able to build a reputation for reliability and competence. This has led to increased opportunities, whether it be through extended contracts or direct referrals for permanent roles."

Embracing continuous learning

Amelia said, "Temping has taught me the value of continuous learning. Each assignment presents an opportunity to acquire new skills, knowledge, and industry insights. Whether it's through on-the-job training or seeking out additional learning resources, embracing an approach of constant growth has been crucial in developing my career and staying competitive."

Developing resilience

Olly let us know, "The transient nature of temping can be challenging, but it has helped me develop resilience and adaptability. Temporary assignments often come with tight deadlines, varying workloads, and shifting priorities. By embracing these challenges and maintaining a positive attitude, I have learned to thrive under pressure and deliver high-quality results."

Showcasing transferable skills

Kim shared, "Temping in London has allowed me to showcase my transferable skills across different industries. While each assignment may have been temporary, the skills and experiences gained have proven invaluable in securing subsequent roles. Temporary positions have served as a stepping stone to further career progression and have broadened my horizons in unexpected ways."

Cultivating professional confidence

Nadine told us, "Temping has played a vital role in cultivating my professional confidence. Each successful temporary assignment has bolstered my self-belief, reinforcing my capabilities and affirming my career choices. The exposure to different work environments and the positive feedback received from employers have contributed significantly to my overall professional growth."

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