One day with an Executive Assistant to a business partner

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When you’re considering a career move, it’s helpful to have a realistic glimpse into what a job is really like. Here we share with you the account of Paula, who shares with us about a typical day in her role as executive assistant (EA) to a busy business partner.

Paula’s perspective

Hello there! I'm delighted to share with you a typical day in my life as an executive assistant. As an EA, I provide essential support and assistance to ensure the smooth functioning of the business and enable my executive to focus on strategic decision-making.

8:30 am – Morning preparations

My day begins with careful planning and preparation. My boss comes in a bit later as she’s a night owl, so I make use of this time to figure out my priorities for the day.

9:00 am – Business partner briefing

Armed with her morning coffee, I meet with my boss to discuss the day's agenda, review what’s in the pipeline, and gather any additional information required. This briefing helps me align my support with their current objectives and concerns. It also means I can anticipate their needs throughout the day.

10:00 am – Managing communications

As an EA, I act as a central point of contact for both internal and external communications. I handle phone calls, emails, and messages, ensuring that urgent matters are promptly addressed while maintaining confidentiality. Every morning I spend some time solely catching up on comms!

11:30 am – Diary management and scheduling

One of my core responsibilities is managing my executive’s diary effectively. I coordinate meetings, schedule appointments, and ensure they have sufficient time for important tasks. I do all the admin around this, like booking restaurants or meeting rooms.

1:00 pm – Supporting business meetings

During lunchtime, I prepare the necessary materials and logistics for the afternoon’s meeting. This includes setting up the meeting room, arranging audio-visual equipment, and preparing needed documents. At the meeting, I take minutes, ensuring I’m clear with action points.  

2:30 pm – Research and project support

In the afternoon, I dedicate time to conducting research, gathering data, and preparing reports or presentations. I find this is my best window of time for this sort of focus. This involves attention to detail and my boss relies on my research being accurate.

4:00 pm – Back to comms!

More emails have come through and some client calls need making. It’s important I build good relationships and act as a representative for my business partner when required.

5:00 pm – Wrapping up the day

At the end of the day, I tidy my desk and our office area, ensuring confidential documents are locked up, and make notes for the next day.

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