Why does company culture matter in your job search?

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When you start looking for office support jobs in London, you may find yourself applying for every vacant position you can find. Rather than doing this, take some time to consider the culture of the companies you are applying to and ensure that they align with what you are looking for.

 Never thought about company culture before? Let us explain why it is so important when you are thinking of working in London.

Company culture can be used to predict your job satisfaction

If a workplace has a positive and supportive culture, there is a far greater likelihood that you will get genuine job satisfaction from your work and be more engaged and willing to work hard. If you end up working somewhere with a negative culture, you will find yourself feeling unhappy, unsatisfied and desperate to move on.

As a job seeker considering working in London, you should always find out as much as possible about your prospective employer’s culture before you apply.

Company culture and the impact on retention

Another key reason for checking out a company’s culture before applying is to do with retention. For a company to be successful, it is generally recognised that strong employee retention ensures a consistent approach. If you take a job in a place that does not align with your values then you will be keen to leave sooner, which can lead to questions being asked about your staying power. Find a company that works with your values and you are sure to feel more supported and happy to stay.

Company culture and developing your skills

Being able to develop your skills and access new opportunities is important when you want to make progress in your career and find office support jobs that work for you. Finding a company that values progression and offers genuine development programmes will leave you feeling more appreciated and more satisfied at work. It’s also great to work somewhere that values learning and promotes the idea of being the best version of yourself!

Learning about company culture during your job search

While it’s clear that finding a company with a positive culture is the best way to get ahead, how are you meant to find out about a company’s culture before you start working there? Take some time to research the company, read its mission statement and values and speak to current employees to see what they have to say about working there. There are also online company reviews that you can access but read these objectively as they can often be used as a place to vent rather than sharing a balanced view of an employer.

Let Love Success Help

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