The training that levelled up my office support career

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If you're looking to elevate your office support career in London, there's no better way to do so than through training. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, honing your skills and learning new ones can help you stand out from the competition and take on new challenges.

Love Success, a leading recruitment agency in London for office support jobs, offers a free training service that has helped countless candidates level up their careers. From Microsoft Office to communication skills, Love Success provides training that is tailored to the needs of office support professionals.

Software skills

"I was struggling to find a job in the office support field in London, and I knew I needed to upskill if I wanted to be competitive," said Aisha, a former Love Success candidate who now works as an executive assistant. "Love Success's training programme was the perfect solution. I was able to learn new software and techniques that have been invaluable in my current role."

Microsoft Office is an essential tool for office support jobs in London, and Love Success offers training in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. "Before I took Love Success's Excel training, I had only a basic understanding of the software," said John, a Love Success candidate who is now a data analyst. "Now, I use Excel every day and can do things I never thought possible."

Communication skills

Communication skills are also critical for office support professionals, and Love Success provides training in everything from email etiquette to active listening. "I had always struggled with communicating effectively in the office," said Josie, a former Love Success candidate who is now a team leader. "Thanks to Love Success's training, I now know how to communicate clearly and confidently, which has been a game-changer for me."

Customer service

Customer service is another essential skill for office support jobs in London, even for those not directly in customer facing roles. "Customer service training helped me to understand the importance of empathy and patience when dealing with customers, but also colleagues," said Michael, a Love Success candidate who now works in customer service. "It has helped me to provide better service and build stronger relationships with our clients but also in my team."

Time management and planning

“I’ve got to confess, I was a dreadful procrastinator and frequently came up against the wire with deadlines,” says Ashleigh. “I didn’t realise that you can actually get training to be better at both time management and planning – I thought it was just my character! Now I’ve had training, I feel like I have the knowledge and skills to manage my time much more effectively. It’s made me much happier at work but has also given me the confidence to apply for more senior office support jobs.”

Get trained to take the next step in your career

Love Success's training service is tailored to the needs of office support professionals looking for work in 2023. You’ll get certificates to put on your CV and gain greater confidence in your applications.

Find out more about free Love Success training for those in office support jobs in London.


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