Will the recession affect my job hunt in 2023?

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The reality is that 2023 will be characterised by an economic recession in the UK. Unfortunately, this means that the media has ample opportunity to scare both employers and candidates. This fear can lead to paralysis. Candidates may be left worrying that it’s a bad time to change jobs. As an experienced London recruitment agency, we can assure you that you can excel your career during a recession and you can have a successful job hunt.

·      Look at real stats, not just media reports

Start by realising that all of the jobs data still points to it being a great time to change jobs. The UK has record low levels of unemployment and many employers are struggling to find the candidates they need. As such, don’t be bowled over by media fear, but instead consider the reality.

·      Do consider all the factors

Recession or not, we always advise that before you start a job hunt, you consider all of the factors that come into play, from how happy you are in your existing role to your career opportunities and finances. However, with decades of experience behind us (including thriving through previous recessions), we can say with confidence that it’s usually counterproductive to stall your career out of generic ‘recession’ concerns. Your career development will stall if you take this approach and that harms your long term aspirations.

·      It’s about the support you access

Unsuccessful job hunts usually come down to the fact that a candidate thinks they can do it all alone. They end up burned out and frustrated. Successful job hunts – recession or not – happen when candidates embrace support. A recruitment agency like Love Success provides the support. From helping you apply to the right jobs for your career growth to helping you hone your CV, they also ensure you’re not alone in the process.

·      Treading water is bad for your wellbeing

If you’re not happy at work, but you’re worried that now is a bad time to move and so don’t, you could create real wellbeing challenges for yourself. Putting off a career move when you should make one will make you unhappy, less motivated and less productive. When you do gain the confidence to move, this could act as a difficult anchor that hinders your job hunt success. You do better to move earlier when you realise that you aren’t currently happy.

·      Jobs advertised in recessions are for the winners

When an employer recruits during a recession, it shows their business is thriving and they are confident about the future. These are strategic opportunities at successful businesses. These employers have carefully considered the need to hire and as such, these vacancies represent excellent opportunities.

·      You can earn more money

The recession will financially squeeze all households. In real terms, staying put without a sizeable pay rise will mean a poorer standard of living. Choosing to job hunt during a recession means you can get a pay rise, even if your current employer has introduced pay freezes.

We know it can be daunting to start a job hunt during a recession. We are here to support you make a success of your career. Register as a candidate.

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