Life on the ground as a credit controller

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Being a credit controller is just one of many types of office support job in London. Job descriptions are one thing, but sometimes it’s just good to hear from someone already in role about what is involved so that you can decide if this is a role for you. Recently, we spoke to Nicole, a credit controller in London, to find out what it takes to be a credit controller and how to get into the role.

What is the salary as a credit controller?

Starting salaries can really vary for credit controllers. Typically I see roles posted ranging between £18k and £28k – that’s in London where salaries tend to be a bit higher. What I would say is that your entry salary isn’t always a good indicator of future progression. The first few years are really about paid work experience and then you can launch your career more successfully.

How do you become a credit controller?

Everyone tends to think that being a credit controller is all about your numeracy and admin skills and that’s true to a degree. However, there’s a real art to successful credit control which relies on your people skills. Being able to get clients willingly paying on time often depends more on the personable relationship you can build with them. Indeed, when there are good relationships, you rarely have to ask for the money!

So, my advice would be to make sure that you are good at building relationships and have good influencing and negotiating skills.

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What’s a typical day like as a credit controller?

My days typically start with inbox management – answering questions from key accounts. I then work through the cash sheet and figure out which clients will be my focus for the day. I then spend the day contacting clients and positioning them for payment. I normally dip back into my emails throughout the day, answering various queries.

What is challenging about being a credit controller

I guess there are a few things which are challenging, but they are what make the job interesting. I can find it frustrating when certain clients sound genuine and make promises yet we go round and round in circles. It’s almost easier when they are being more obstructive!

Is it rewarding being a credit controller?

There are always targets to hit and I find that compelling – you can literally see money coming in for a job well done. It’s also fun working with a complete spectrum of people. The only tricky thing that can make the rewarding side of the job seem elusive is that as you get better, your targets get higher! So you’re always chasing more, more, more!

What skills are important to you?

Being tenacious is really important. You’ve got to have grit and determination. As I say, people skills are also really important, most notably the ability to negotiate and influence people.

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