How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out to employers

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Think of your LinkedIn profile as an additional support to your CV. As a London recruitment agency, we can guarantee you that a prospective employer will go looking for your LinkedIn profile. They will be pleasantly surprised if you follow the simple hints and tips below.

1.    Get your photo right

The first thing that will catch a hiring manager’s eye is your profile photo. First, make sure you have one! Secondly, ensure it is a high quality professional image. This doesn’t mean it needs to be taken professionally, but it does need to be well lit and show you in a professional or neutral setting and you must be professionally presented.

2.    Keep it up to date

It’s easy to neglect your LinkedIn profile, but a refreshed and up to date profile is important. It shows that you are taking your job search seriously and it enables hiring managers to see the most recent ways in which you’ve added value and contributed to business success.

3.    Take time over the headline

A LinkedIn headline is short and sweet but it takes time and effort to convey the right message in this way. You’re limited to 120 characters, so don’t waste it on your job title, but do think about what makes you unique professionally. Smatter some keywords in too if you can.

4.    Go beyond work history

Yes, there’s a place on your CV and LinkedIn profile for career history. Do make sure these match. But beyond this, you need to give over some of your LinkedIn profile to highlight your accomplishments and achievements. Awards, certifications, qualifications and other achievements are important.

5.    Craft your ‘About’ section carefully

The About section is a chance for you to really showcase who you are and what you will bring to a new role and organisation. Try to keep your message succinct, thinking about what a prospective employer will want to hear and see. Use bullet points and make sure it is accurate.

6.    Stay active

Staying active on LinkedIn, posting updates, sharing relevant posts and engaging in industry-specific discussions can show that you are a candidate worth showing interest in. This also helps to expand your network. Particularly, act as an advocate for your existing company, sharing their content on your profile. This demonstrates loyalty and commitment to your next employer, as well as professionalism and enthusiasm.

7.    Get recommendations

Recommendations and endorsements from colleagues and other professionals is a great way of adding authenticity and weight to your LinkedIn profile. Ask colleagues to recommend you on LinkedIn for particular skill areas, making sure you showcase the breadth of skills relevant for your role area.

8.    Create your own content

Writing articles isn’t for everyone, but even just the odd post now and then can help to keep your profile fresh and interesting. Use your profile to showcase your professional know-how and reputation and this helps make it attractive to employers.

Your LinkedIn profile is a useful application tool. Check out the Love Success LinkedIn profile for inspiration!


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