What’s your experience of using a recruitment agency?

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There are a plethora of recruitment agencies in London. It’s not quite as clear cut, as ideally you should always choose a recruitment agency which specialises in your line of work which reduces the number substantially, but there must be a good reason for their existence! If you’re unfamiliar with using a recruitment agency, it can be difficult to decide if it’s right for you.

As such, we decided to ask some of our candidates for their honest thoughts on whether using recruitment agencies in London are worthwhile, and their reasons.

It’s easier

Pravin told us, “I heartily recommend using recruitment agencies in London as it makes your job hunt easier. Trawling the big job boards and adverts is laborious, but with a recruitment agency, they can let you know when a new suitable job becomes available.”

But choose wisely

Rosalyn confirmed, “It is easier using a recruitment agency, but don’t randomly select one. Choose recruitment agencies which specialise in your location and niche. Employers favour them and that’s how you get the best opportunities. I once used one of the big name generic recruitment agencies in London and it was a mistake as I missed out on opportunities. That’s why I’m so glad to have found Love Success as they specialise in office support roles.”

It’s less lonely

Job hunting can be isolating, but Larrie said, “Using a recruitment agency makes the whole process less lonely. You’ve got someone in your corner. You may even be able to make connections with other candidates.”

The support is helpful

Travis told us, “Not all recruitment agencies in London are the same, but if you choose the right one then you get a lot of valuable support. From help writing and checking your CV to interview practice and even upskilling, Love Success has been really supportive and helpful in my quest to find my next role. I recommend asking potential recruitment agencies what support and help they provide, so that you can understand what help is available.”

Unknown opportunities

“I really rate being registered with a few carefully selected agencies,” says Janine. “I have been told about several opportunities through recruitment agencies that haven’t even been advertised yet. This allows you to get in quick and make a good impression. By the time the vacancy hits the job board, often it’s already being interviewed for or even filled!”

Help with negotiation

“It’s not just finding the job where a recruitment agency helps,” says Gina. “Once you’re offered the job, the recruitment agency is an excellent advocate and negotiator too. They can help you negotiate pay and conditions in a way which is far less awkward than having to do it yourself. It’s a real benefit.”

At Love Success, we are proud to be one of the leading recruitment agencies in London. We’re here to help you with your job search in office support.

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