PA tips for a perfect phone interview

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At our PA recruitment agency, we know that the real pros when it comes to phone etiquette and technique are those in PA jobs in London. They are at the top of their game and have the info and expertise to ensure you shine when you get called for a phone interview. With Covid still lingering, and many employers considering hybrid working models, it’s common for first interviews to be conducted by telephone.

Here, we’ve got the top tips from those in PA jobs so that you can shine at your phone interview:

1.    Prepare like you would for any interview

Gillian says, “Just like you’d prepare for an in-person interview, prepare for your telephone interview. Learn about the company and, ideally, the person doing the interview. Even prep some notes – with a telephone interview, you’ve got the benefit that you can have these bullet points in front of you and no one will know!”

2.    Choose your location wisely

Ariah told us, “Think about where you will take or make the call. You want somewhere private that will be undisturbed. If you’re using your mobile, make sure there’s good reception. Don’t try to do a phone interview with any background noise – it’ll be off-putting for you and the interviewer.”

3.    First impressions still count

Joanne advises, “When you answer the phone, do so professionally! Remember, if you are applying for PA jobs then this is something the interviewer is probably screening for. Speak clearly and with positive energy.”

4.    Let your personality show

Becca adds, “Keep the energy up throughout the interview. You want to show a professional yet engaging character and that’s harder to do by phone than in person. Listen carefully to what the interviewer asks and speak positively and concisely, but let some of your personality show. Be relaxed and engaging.”

5.    Remember it’s a conversation

“Of course the interviewer has a bunch of questions, but they want to know you can hold a conversation,” says Rachel. “Be prepared to ask questions too and engage in dialogue that goes back and forth. This gives you the chance to show enthusiasm for the role.”

6.    Listen carefully

Lim says, “Active listening is always important in interviews and phone conversations. In a phone interview, it’s even more important. It’s essential that you pay attentive and listen to the nuances in what is being asked and said. This allows you to pause briefly before answering a question. You’re more likely to answer on point.”

7.    Ask for clarification

“Don’t be afraid to mirror back questions in different words if you are unsure what’s being asked,” says James. “It’s ok to clarify what is being asked. Indeed, it demonstrates an important element of communication skills.”

Phone interviews aren’t uncommon and are frequently used as first round interviews to decide who may be invited to come in. Prepare carefully and practice in the same way as you would for a regular interview.

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