Why Temping is Career Rocket Fuel

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Recent recruitment studies have shown that whilst we’re recovering from the impact of the pandemic, there are more temporary jobs in London than permanent ones. Many of us still hold onto an old-school myth that temping isn’t a viable career option, but we’ve learned over recent years that temping is often quite the opposite. In fact, temping in London can be the rocket fuel your career needs. Here’s why:

New skills day after day

When you stay in the same role, you don’t tend to develop new skills at a fast rate. You perfect what you do, but you’ll never quite experience the steep learning curve that comes with those early days in a new role.

However, with temp work in London, you put yourself on that steep learning curve over and over again. As a result, you become exceptionally adaptable and a fast learner. You also learn so much more; your skills become broad and deep. From different software to different communication styles, you’ll gain the skills needed to push your career forward.

Time is in your court

Employers tend to have a “want it now” attitude. Waiting for ideal candidates to wait out their existing notice period is a frustration they often circumnavigate by heading for the temporary option. Alongside this, employers like to test before they buy, and using a temp allows them to do this.

As such — and particularly in the current, temp-friendly climate — it’s often much easier to walk into a temporary role that matches what you want compared to a permanent position — and that temporary position may well become permanent in due course anyway.

What’s more, employers tend to be less risk-averse and more open-minded with temp candidates. They’ll take a chance on someone who doesn’t quite have all the skills yet and be more willing to give someone a go.

Get to know the people that matter

As a temp, especially in London, you meet a whole bunch of different people and you build an excellent relationship with your chosen recruitment agency. You’ll meet people across different industries who are in different roles.

In one way, this makes it easier for you to pin down where you want your career to go if you’re not sure yet. You also get the chance to test-drive a career. And then, when you’re ready to make a longer-term move, you’ve got a fabulous network of support ready and waiting in the wings.

You’re the boss of your work-life balance

Pushing your career forward can sometimes be one step forward and two steps back as you struggle to determine a balance that works for you. This is often the case in London where there is a culture of long, intense working hours.

Temping is a way that you can create the work-life balance that enables your career to flourish because you can identify what works for you and what doesn’t. If nothing else, you can easily ditch an employer who doesn’t value anything more than presenteeism.

Add rocket fuel to your career

We’re experts at enabling people to make the move into temping in London to propel their career forward. Register with us and we’ll help you take the next step to success.


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