Why Temporary Jobs in London Work for Me: the Graduate

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At our London recruitment agency, we see time and time again that temporary jobs in London are ideal for a range of people. Today, we’ll hear from 21-year-old recent graduate James, who temped with us throughout his time as a student and has continued to do so after graduating...

So, what was it like temping and studying James?

During my first year at university, I was studying business and banking. Temping really worked well for me because it fit around my studies. I chose to stay in London during the university holidays, as I was paying for my accommodation anyway. So I didn’t have a choice but to work pretty solidly throughout most of my holidays as I needed the cash! I picked up more hours and opportunities at those times. During term time, I did some work, but I was limited.

I did a few different placements throughout my course, often going back to the same employers. I used Love Success because once they got to know me, it required very little effort on my part, and I really fell in love with temping in London!

What made you keep temping after university?

When I graduated, I really didn’t want to go in to the ‘banking’ side of my studies. It really didn’t suit me, even though I persevered through my course. However, I loved the business side of my course and the work experience I’d gained while temping during my studies. Part of me always thought I’d look for something permanent once I graduated. Maybe I still will. But for now, I love the flexibility of temporary jobs.

Are you happy with your choice to temp?

Compared to my peers who left university at the same time, I seem to be ‘winning’. Firstly, I’ve got a job while many of them are still looking. It’s a tough time for permanent work in London because of Brexit uncertainty, but there are so many opportunities for temp work. Then there’s the fact that I’ve already built more experience for my CV than most of my mates, as they worked in pubs and restaurants during university, whereas my work experience was directly relevant to my future career.

What does the future hold for you?

I’ve seen that ‘business’ is actually a huge area. I still don’t know which specific niche I want to settle on. Temping in London is giving me the chance to be right in the action, getting to know London’s top businesses, and seeing for myself what they do and what they offer. Plus, now I’ve got some cash and flexibility, I’d like to be able to travel a bit. Working in temporary jobs in London is allowing me to save some cash for that!

Would you recommend temping to other students and graduates?

Yes, I really would. It’s quite a different experience for a student to get such brilliant work experience and be paid for it. I’m really glad that I did it as a student, because it helped to pay for my time at university, but also gave me valuable experience. I’d recommend it for graduates who don’t know what they want to do but do want to work in an office environment and get earning quickly.

Find out more about our opportunities in temporary work in London for both students and graduates here.


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