The Top 5 PA Qualities Employers Are Looking for in a Personal Assistant

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At our top London PA recruitment agency, we know more than most that a great PA is worth their weight in gold! If you’re looking for PA jobs in London, the key is in marketing yourself in the right way. This is because employers looking to hire PAs are seeking a very specific skillset and certain personal characteristics. So here are the top 5 qualities an employer is looking for when hiring for PA jobs.

Organized, organized, organized

If there’s one absolute necessity for a PA, it’s their organisation skills. You’re the master of the filing system. The clothes in your wardrobe are sorted by type, season, and colour. You keep the cards in your wallet in a logical order. In short, you are the epitome of organized. Managers who are looking for a great PA are often the exact opposite, so they want to know that you’ll arrive on the scene and instantly bring order to their life.

A pro at being proactive

An exceptional PA is always two or three steps ahead of their boss. Once you know the ins-and-outs of your manager’s day-to-day life, you’ll anticipate what they need before they even know they need it. You’ll have their day lined up for them, so they can get right down to business. You’ll resolve problems before they occur, and plan ahead like a pro, knowing that nothing has been missed.

Available, adaptable, and flexible

In lots of PA jobs, you’re likely to be working for a mover and shaker whose work hours don’t fit the 9-to-5 bracket. This means you need to be available, flexible, and ready for changes at the drop of a hat. You’ll need to jump from scheduling to correspondence to note-taking and back again, often all in one sitting. The days (and sometimes nights) can fly by, because you’re always on the go. In the best PA jobs, you need to be ready for any challenge at any time.


Your boss probably doesn’t have enough time to get their own work done, let alone learn how to use the latest office tech. As a great PA, they’ll count on you to navigate the world of computers and online systems. Being well-versed in online schedule, booking, emails and any other computer programs or systems common to the industry will be invaluable to doing your job expertly.

Mum’s the word

Finally, discretion is the name of the game. Whether you’re the PA to a C-Suite manager or a HNWI, your boss will entrust you with sensitive information that you’ll have to guard. Being careful and cautious with this information is of paramount importance to your employer, so they need to know that you’re completely loyal and dependable. This means they must have no reservations in your ability to protect private information, or they’ll soon be looking for a new PA.

Get expert help

Finding a PA job in London can be challenging, but these top 5 qualities are indispensable on your quest. If you need help finding temporary or permanent PA jobs in London, those top London PA jobs, or other office support roles to gain vital experience, then get in touch with our team today. As the leading London PA and office support recruitment agency, we can help you find an exciting, fulfilling job that you’ll love.

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