Becoming a Private PA: What You Need to Know

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Do you currently work in a business PA job but want to make the switch to private PA jobs? If so, this career move will take you in a new direction and present a variety of exciting new challenges! However, it’s difficult to get a private PA role if you don’t have any private experience first. If you’re hoping to land a private PA job, you need to work in PA jobs that have private support included first. So, if you want to work in private PA jobs in London, here’s the lowdown on what it’s like.

You’ll work long hours

Most private PA jobs have less rigidly set working hours than business PA jobs. Rather than working 9-5, you can expect to be on call around the clock, seven days a week. As such, you need to be extremely careful that you maintain a work/life balance. Whilst this can be difficult to do, it’s vital if you want to avoid burnout. From day one, you’ll need to work out what’s right for both you and your boss.

You need to be a people person ALL the time

Working as a private PA to a high net worth individual (HNWI) or celebrity means you’ll be required to liaise with many people. This can include everyone from friends and family to fans, business associates, estate managers, and lawyers. The list is almost endless. Therefore, you really MUST be a people person to work as a private PA. You’ll be representing your boss at all times and so it’s vital that you’re able to portray them in a good light.  

You may need to manage a large team

Depending on the level of responsibly you’re given, you could be expected to manage an extensive team, ranging from social media experts and PR agencies to household staff, nannies, and office workers. The breadth of your responsibility may be vast, so you must be comfortable taking a leadership role. One day, you could be managing a PR scandal and the next day making decisions with a vet about your boss’s beloved pet.

You must be discrete

If you want to work in private PA jobs, you can expect to be privy to some incredible experiences. It’s not unusual for a private PA to go on holiday with their boss, attend their family events, or take care of their personal shopping. Taking on such a role means you’ll meet many exciting new people and go on fantastic journeys. However, it’s essential that you member you’re there to work, not have fun. And above all, you won’t be able to talk about your experiences! Discretion is key when working in private PA jobs.

Sound like your dream job?

If you’re still interested in working as a private PA after discovering that it’s not just a life of 7* star luxury and private jets, then get in touch with the Love Success team today. At our top London recruitment agency, we have the expertise to help you land your dream private PA job, executive assistant role, receptionist job, or office support job in London.


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