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As of 16th May 2014, employers are legally required to check students' term dates before they commence work.

Students are allowed to work during their university holiday. University holiday is usually stated according to the educational organisation's calendar and they typically fall around the usual academic with breaks at Christmas, Easter, and during the summer. If your course happens to not adhere to a usual format — the year running August/September to May/June —then term time can be defined as any time you are meant to be undertaking academic study e.g when you are attending lectures or seminars, revising for exams, completing coursework, or writing essays or a dissertation.

Holiday periods — when you are allowed to be employed on a full-time basis falls when you are not required to be studying. This can vary according to the type of degree or course you are undertaking. As an example, you may be expected to be completing a dissertation during a time when other students are on summer holidays, in which case you should only be working 20 hours or less a week. 

Since 16th May 2013, you must provide your employer with the following so they are aware of your term dates:

  • A letter from your institution confirming your term and holiday dates.
  • A letter from your institution addressed to your employer confirming term and holiday dates.
  • A printed page of your institution's website showing the term and holiday dates for your specific course.

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