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Jane Atherton and Julia Vassie 
Joint Founders and Managing Directors

Establishing a thriving enterprise amid the challenging backdrop of a profound economic downturn is a remarkable achievement in itself. This is precisely what Jane Atherton and Julia Vassie of Love Success have accomplished, and this year will commemorate an impressive 14-year journey of accomplishments in UK recruitment. Embarking on their professional paths as consultants 35 years ago, Jane Atherton and Julia Vassie emerged as visionary pioneers in the early 2000s as two of the original founders of the esteemed agency, Huntress. Specifically, they spearheaded the Office/Commercial division, a crucial driver that consistently contributed 85% of the company's annual profits every year.
  Originating from humble origins in Derbyshire and South London, Jane and Julia embody the epitome of British women in business—astute, determined, and exemplifying unwavering commitment. Epitomising the definition of soulmates, Jane and Julia's vitality for life and authentic ardour for helping people have garnered them frequent accolades throughout London and the wider UK, solidifying their status as trailblazers in the domain of women-led consultancy. Across a partnership spanning more than 23 years, Jane and Julia have nurtured Love Success from its inception into another multi-award-winning recruitment enterprise, a highly-regarded venture that has provided employment and training to thousands of individuals. Love Success is underpinned by their sincere dedication to effecting positive life transformations—a quality that distinctly positions them as trailblazers in the field of recruitment.
  Jane and Julia's well-respected business ethos garners consistent commendation from industry associations, fellow professionals, and even competitors, underlining their commitment to ethical conduct in business. Their inclusion in the Fortuna 50 index of the 25 fastest-growing female-led businesses, as formally recognised by the Prime Minister, stands as a testament to their achievements.

Reflecting on their journey, Jane Atherton and Julia Vassie, Joint Managing Directors of Love Success, express, “At the heart of Love Success is a set of foundational values that have been paramount to our journey. These values have been instrumental in propelling their exponential growth and expansion over the past 14 years. Today, we stand together as a premier women-led recruitment agency, celebrated for our ability to provide high-calibre candidates who seamlessly align with the business imperatives and corporate ethos of our clients.”


Nicola Solly
Senior Associate | Operations Director | Shareholder

Nikki's journey in the world of recruitment began in 2001 right after she proudly graduated from the University of Surrey and went on to embark on an incredible "once in a lifetime" world adventure. Fast forward to 2010, and Nikki came back home, ready to kickstart something amazing. She joined forces with the founders to launch Love Success, reuniting with the very same team that had previously achieved remarkable success in another recruitment agency. Nikki thrives on rolling up her sleeves, diving into client and candidate requirements with fervour. Every tiny detail is under her eagle eye as she strives to deliver nothing short of excellence. Nikki has been part of the Love Success recruitment family since before it even had that official name! Her unwavering loyalty shines through, not just to our company's vision, but also to her cherished clients and candidates.  Passion runs deep in Nikki's veins, especially when it comes to recruitment. Her unrelenting dedication to nurturing Love Success as a premier recruitment agency is palpable. And it doesn't stop there – her team, our valued clients, and candidates all benefit from her unwavering commitment.


Jo Higgins
Associate Director | Shareholder

Jo is a key shareholder at Love Success and her presence is integral, valued, and woven into the very fabric of the team. Her role reflects a professional finesse that's uniquely tailored. With a deep-seated passion for both clients and candidates, Jo embodies a commitment to best-practice recruitment solutions.  With over two decades of operational experience in London's recruiting scene, Jo has carved her niche. Her clients treasure her candid and consultative approach, underpinned by an unwavering dedication to comprehending their distinct business objectives. This explains the robust and enduring business relationships she's cultivated and nurtured throughout her illustrious recruitment career. Jo thrives on the diversity that commercial recruitment offers, collaborating with clients spanning various sectors, from startups to SMEs and major corporations.

Away from the professional realm, Jo's adventurous spirit shines. A travel enthusiast, she always has a getaway on the horizon, relishing the anticipation. Just as she explores new culinary gems and watering holes, she applies the same discernment she demonstrates at work—quality over quantity. In a life that's become more serene, Jo prioritises relaxation, exercise, and cherished moments spent with loved ones.

Jane Kelly
Associate Director | Shareholder

After her studies at Trinity College, Dublin, Jane made her way to the vibrant city of London to embark on a recruitment career that has spanned over 25 impressive years. As an original member of the Love Success team and a valued shareholder, Jane has been part of our journey since day one and has earned a reputation as one of the most astute PA and Administrative support recruiters in the field.  Jane's dedication to her candidates and clients is as genuine as it gets. With a straightforward, candid, and transparent approach, she's on a mission to secure nothing but the best recruitment solutions for them. Her commitment shines through, and it's through this sincere attitude that she's managed to cultivate and nurture enduring relationships with her extensive network.  Beyond the bustling world of recruitment, Jane knows how to unwind. Quality time with her kids, engaged in mini-golf or bowling, cold water swimming or enjoying the wind in her hair during a cycle is Jane's idea of a great day. And when the sun goes down, you might just find her belting out her favourite tune, "Like a Prayer," during karaoke nights with friends.

Ciara Lloyd
Associate Director | Shareholder

With an impressive career spanning more than 16 years in the bustling London recruitment scene, Ciara has been an integral part of the Love Success family for over a decade. As our Temps Manager, Ciara's true passion lies in the realm of temporary placements and she thrives in the energising whirlwind of fast-paced, dynamic temporary recruitment.  Radiating an outgoing and approachable charm, Ciara has earned a stellar reputation among clients as a consultant who can be trusted with unwavering reliability and honesty. Her relentless pursuit of excellence consistently yields exceptional outcomes. The enduring relationships she's cultivated with both clients and candidates are a testament to her unwavering commitment and dedication to the world of recruitment. As one astute client aptly put it, "big voice, bigger heart"—a sentiment that captures the essence of Ciara's vibrant personality.  Beyond her professional endeavours, Ciara takes her Bottomless Brunching seriously. And when she's not conquering the brunch scene, you'll likely find her soaking up the sun's rays with an extra-large gin and tonic in hand, enjoying life to the fullest.


Lizzie Jolly
Associate Director | Shareholder

Lizzie, a valued shareholder at Love Success, boasts an extensive background of over 18 years in the dynamic London recruitment arena. With a deep-rooted commitment, she dedicates herself to assisting clients in reaching their business objectives while providing unwavering support to candidates in their pursuit of roles that foster growth in their careers.  Specialising in a diverse array of office support roles, Lizzie passionately matches clients with candidates to ensure the perfect synergy. Her reputation shines as a dedicated professional who not only works tirelessly but also injects a dose of enjoyment into every team she collaborates with.  When she steps out of her professional realm, Lizzie finds solace by the coast, indulging in delectable dining experiences, or immersing herself in the world of football with her three remarkable and incredibly active children.


Margaret Scragg
Senior Executive Consultant | Shareholder

Margaret, a seasoned recruitment expert, boasts two decades of industry experience, nine of which she's dedicated to Love Success. Her journey also includes working alongside the founders in their previous ventures. As a cherished shareholder and accomplished Senior Executive Consultant, her focus centres on supplying the dynamic world of creative and media industries with all business support roles. Margaret's approach radiates with fervour, zeal, and a delightful touch of humour that infuses everything she undertakes.  Juggling her role as a single parent, Margaret's weekends are dedicated to quality time with her wonderful son, often cheering on at football games. Her top three passions include indulging in dining experiences, showcasing her culinary prowess (you must hear about her standout dishes!), and embarking on adventures abroad.

Leonie Thomas
Executive Consultant | Education and Charities

With a rich background spanning more than a decade, Leonie brings her expertise to various sectors including healthcare, education, and the non-profit realm. Her robust client base and devoted candidates stand as a testament to her dedication.  Clients consistently praise Leonie for her unyielding resilience, relentless drive, and proactive approach that permeates every facet of her role.  Beyond her professional pursuits, Leonie finds herself captivated by the world of travel photography, a passion that she ardently pursues during her globetrotting adventures.


Stephen Chamberlain
Financial Controller

Steve's journey with Love Success spans a remarkable seven years, during which he has firmly established himself as the backbone of our finance department. Drawing upon his comprehensive background in accountancy and bookkeeping, Steve's expertise shines brightly.  In our Love Success family, Steve occupies a special place as one of our most valued members. Often affectionately referred to as the "work dad," he consistently extends his unwavering support, genuine wisdom, and thoughtful advice to his colleagues. Steve stands as our dependable pillar, embodying the spirit of our team.

Charlene Maingard
Payroll Officer

Meet Charlene, the Super Payroll Guru who keeps our operations running smoothly. Her expertise is absolutely indispensable, and we truly can't imagine functioning without her incredible contributions. Charlene holds an AAT Level 1 Bookkeeping qualification, and an Introduction to Payroll Systems Diploma, and is currently dedicated to pursuing her studies in AAT accountancy at levels 2 and 3.  When she's not mastering the world of payroll, Charlene's role as a single mom to her adorable little girl and her trusty companion, Bertie the dog, takes centre stage. Charlene's spirit is one of exploration and curiosity, as she eagerly ventures into new experiences, whether it's discovering new places, savouring different cuisines, or raising a toast to novel beverages.


Director of Canine Wellbeing and Emotional Support

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the real office MVP, the one and only Canine C.E.O. and Director of Belly Rubs, Toto! With a paw-sitive attitude and a tail-wagging work ethic, Toto is here to remind us that deadlines might be ruff, but with a little woof, we can conquer any challenge. Whether it's fetching coffee (well, not literally), boosting morale with impromptu play sessions, or providing a much-needed excuse for a break, Toto is the fur-tunate charm of our office.