We are Celebrating International Women's Day 2018

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Today we are taking a moment to celebrate the growth of women throughout the years. 

On another significant International Women's Day, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the growth of women throughout the years.  We love being women. After all, what is not to love, right? 

Well, perhaps the realisation that it hasn’t always been easy for women, or more to the point, it hasn’t always been equal for men and women.   Whilst the modern-day women are starting to see the balance shift, there is always work to be done, so with this mind, and with International Women’s Day today, we have put together our dedication to the rise of the woman and most importantly some of the biggest wins that we have managed to achieve as women.  Go us!

We have the right to vote

The rise of the woman really started back in the nineteenth century. Being a woman during these times wasn’t exactly fair. One of the biggest injustices had to be that women were denied the right to vote. It was thought that the husband would be in charge of the political matters of the family, whilst the women would take care of the home.

During the industrial revolution, women were much more able to come together to discuss both political and social issues and it was during this time that the women’s suffrage campaign came together. The main aim of this was to make sure that women had the right to vote, which they saw as the starting point in the shift towards women’s equality.

The suffragettes as we recognise them came into being during 1903. Their leader was Emmeline Pankhurst. They were younger, passionate women who started off with peaceful protests, however, developed their protests into bigger and more noticeable protests.

With harsh treatment from the police during their protests, it didn’t take long for the suffragettes to gain the respect and support from the general public. It took a long time to make a change, in fact, it was not until 1918 when women over 30 were granted the right to vote, and then another 10 years for women under 21 to be able to vote. So, the suffragettes paved the way and achieved exactly what they wanted!

We control our own reproductive rights

After the suffragettes gained the vote, it seemed that more and more women wanted to fight for the rights of other womenfolk. Thinking back to 100 years ago, women had a real limit to the contraception options that they had. However, during the 60’s British women were given access to the contraceptive pill.

In doing this, essentially, women were allowed to control when they had babies and consequentially, their own careers and job prospects too. This was a huge milestone for women and something that we may take for granted today. However, without this, our lives would be very different.

We are working for ourselves

The employment options that were open to women in the 1900s were incredibly limited. Plenty of women wanted to work, however, they found that they could only look at becoming a domestic servant, a nurse, a teacher or perhaps a dressmaker. The other roles that were high earning or led to a good career, well they were “male” jobs and many women wouldn’t even get a look in.

One exceptionally intelligent woman paved the way for making brave career choices. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. She trained as a doctor and as the first female doctor, she found it incredibly hard to attract patients. Initially, even her fellow women found it difficult to have faith in her ability.

That didn’t put other women off of making the leap, however. Despite some big hurdles, we now have women working in combat zones, business owners, corporate directors who are breaking into boardrooms. There is still a lot of work to be done as we see stats like only 7 women bosses across all FTSE 100 companies. But watch this space…


There is a very good chance that you will have heard of the recent #MeToo movement that has been sweeping not only the ‘real world’ but also the celebrity world too. This is one of the newest women’s movements. Only appearing during October 2017, it began with actor Alyssa Milano who asked women to use the term to share their own personal stories of sexual harassment and attacks. From this particular hashtag came a huge tidal wave of responses. One of the biggest covered in the media has to be of the increasing number of attacks and harassment accusations that were targeted at US producer Harvey Weinstein.

The movement, however, goes so much deeper than this. It is dedicated to making sure that everyone has a voice when it comes to inappropriate advances and actions that are directed at them. This could be in the movie world, the celebrity world, the business world or perhaps just for everyday women who feel that they have been touched or spoken to in a way that made them feel uncomfortable.

The modern working woman

Workplace equality is one thing that plenty of women are still fighting for. Whilst women still want to be mothers and raise their family, they also want to be able to have a career too. Thankfully, more and more employers are recognising that in order to embrace the power of the woman for their business, they need to change some of their approaches to working. This is why many workplaces throughout the UK have had to develop a more flexible approach to working.  This not only means that the hours themselves are more flexible, but also that the women have the opportunity to work from home when they need to.

We couldn’t agree more and we adopt one of London’s most highly recognised and awarded flexible working programs for women and men. Over 70% our staff are part-time, working flexible hours, working from home offices or on maternity leave – and we have the most productive and happiest recruitment team in London.

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