Six Hot Recruitment Trends of the Moment

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Let's face it with the job market booming, recruitment is about as hot as the weather right now. To help you stay abreast of the ever widening game we've looked into the biggest trends in recruitment right now:

1. Social Recruiting - there is no denying that recruiters and HR professionals cannot ignore the internet to look for their Candidates these days. The obvious choice is LinkedIn and many (like ourselves) are turning to the LinkedIn Talent Solutions for enhanced recruiting via the platform.

2. Sourcing - In a market where highly skilled candidates are now in short supply - recruiters are spending more time sourcing than recruiting. The job function of recruiting (interviewing etc) whilst the recruiters spend time resourcing and screening to grab the market's best talent.

3. Showing your real brand - 2013 everyone was talking about your employment brand - how you can be perceived as a brand to attract the right people. Now it is all about your actual brand - what your employees are saying about you - who you really are as a business. Building an honest and authentic insight to your brand means you will attract the right people who love who you are and what you do. 

4. Candidate experience - in a market which sees the control in the hands of the Candidates, to stay competitive companies are striving to improve their Candidate Experience. Make your jobs easy to apply for, always be accessible and look after them well during the interview process.

5. Big data - heard this term recently? We're not surprised, big data is possibly the most said phrase on LinkedIn right now. In terms of HR, big data can be used by measuring recruitment - where are your candidates coming from? What sourcing techniques/technologies are the most effective? Start now, research says recruitment companies that are measuring recruitment are far outperforming their competitors.

6. Retaining, not recruiting - The UK job market is now far more buoyant than it was a year ago and Candidates now have a far wider choice of roles available to them. Candidates who accepted roles 2-3 years ago whilst we were in a recession are now looking for better salaries and benefits for their skills. Businesses are now working on ways to ensure they retain their best staff - after all the estimated cost of replacing a member of staff is £30,000!