Our Top Secrets to Employing the Best People

Sunday, August 3, 2014

In a very buoyant job market, employing the right people is more important and at the same time harder than ever. Noone knows the recruitment market better than our own extremely talented and knowledgeable staff, so we asked them: What do YOU think are the secrets to employing the best staff?

Here are some of the answers:

1. Hire for a passion and understanding of your company. Whilst experience is important, a fit with both the company's goals and industry and vital for a successful partnership.


2. Take your time - finding the right person for your company culture may take a while, but will be very worth it in the long run. Fitting the with company culture means the candidate will be in tune with what needs to be done to drive the business forward.


3. Hire someone you know you can rely on and trust. Morals cant be taught but skills can be learnt.

4. Hire for attitude. Ask yourself: will this person hit the ground running and learn as much as they can? If so, they will be valuable to your business in so many more ways than just their job description.

5. Hire people who are easily adaptable. Very rarely will an employee work without the interaction of others; being able to work alongside a variety of individuals is a key skill.

6. If you are looking to take on entry level staff or grads, look for someone who has held a variety of jobs before and have worked throughout school/university. They will have picked up invaluable people and team working skills in doing so.

7. Hire people who are clearly passionate about their profession. Anyone who loves what they do will succeed.


8. Hire for work ethic, this is hard to teach whereas skills are not. 

9. When interviewing: let the person you are interviewing doing most of the talking. You will find out everything you need to know without necessarily asking lots of questions.

10. Hire creative thinkers. They will always challenge your current processes and will encourage change.

Have you got any of your own secrets? Tell us!