New Accolade for London's Best PA & Office Recruitment Agency

Monday, June 4, 2018

Accolades continue for Love Success

The Love Success team are celebrating after being named as the Best PA & Office Recruitment Agency 2018. The accolade comes the year after they were named as 2017 Best Female Owned Recruitment Agency – UK, with the team having previously received formal recognition from the Prime Minister.


The recruitment firm is headed by Jane Atherton and Julia Vassie and first opened its doors in 2010.  It was funded wholly by the pair without any additional backing and has featured in the top 25 of the Fortuna 50 Index.


The firm has a 90% female workforce and is based in the heart of London, overlooking the Thames.  Billing more than 200 clients a week, the team specialise in the supply of PA, office support, marketing, compliance, and HR staff, with salaries ranging from £20,000 to £75,000.


Passionate about providing opportunities to all, the team are noted for their positive treatment of flexible and temporary staff, ensuring they receive sick pay and paid holidays. Prior to launching Love Success, Julia and Jane were two of the original founders of Huntress where they remained on the Board from 2000 to 2009 and eventually sold for £40 million reaching a turnover of more than £100 million.  They have successfully weathered the storm throughout multiple recessions during the past three decades thanks to factors including their robust business model.


Love Success work with clients from every business sector, with 70% of their clients being repeat customers.  The team meet all candidates face-to-face before assignments begin to ensure their suitability for roles.  Earlier this year, the team announced that their turnover has risen by 18.1% to £7.7 million, with a gross profit increase of 18.1% to  £2.7 million. Pre-tax profits soared by 98.8% to reach over £1 million.  The business’ recent record growth was the result of initiatives such as the launch of Love PAs, which helped the company expand its reach amongst HWNIs and celebrities. Offering a transparent, efficient and honest approach, the company’s directors continue to monitor its strategies and conduct interim financial reporting so risk and uncertainty can be identified and mitigated at the earliest opportunity.

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