International Women's Day 2019 - Let's Push For Change

Friday, March 8, 2019

At Love Success, a PA recruitment agency, we’re right behind this year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme. The #BalanceforBetter theme is all about promoting gender balance across the world. We know that PA jobs in London are some of the least balanced roles in terms of gender. We need to shake things up for the benefit of us all.

PA Jobs in London – It’s a Woman Thing

The statistics in our industry are shocking. 94% of those working in business support roles are women. Just 6% are men.

However, this doesn’t complete the picture. This sits alongside the fact that only 6.4% of FTSE 250 firms have women in full-time executive roles.

In short, PA and executive assistant roles see women predominantly working for men – a very unbalanced picture!

International Women’s Day is just one day in the year. The #BalanceforBetter campaign is focusing on the whole year. We’d argue, as a PA recruitment agency, that our industry needs to address gender balance for the long term.

What can we do to improve gender balance in PA roles?

With such disparity in gender balance, we aren’t going to solve the problem overnight. There are deep-rooted societal and cultural factors which make this a female dominated profession. Those same factors come in to play to make executive positions male-dominated.

However, that doesn’t mean we should sit back and accept that this is ‘just the way it is’. International Women’s Day can be a chance for us to spark debate about the PA recruitment agency industry and how we can take steps towards equality.

An interesting approach, very much within our industry, is being led by EPAA (The Executive and Personal Assistant’s Association). Their campaign ‘Not Just a Girl’s Job’ is undertaking the tall order of challenging common assumptions that being a PA is a ‘woman’s job’.

We need to continue to raise the profile of men in the profession and gain respect for what we do as a professionally skilled role. This combined approach will hopefully lessen the gap over time.


Our solution

As a London PA recruitment agency, we strive to ensure equality of opportunity in all PA jobs in London. We take a double-edged sword approach.

Firstly, we ensure that we match candidates to roles based purely on aptitude and skill, wording adverts accordingly without gender-leading jargon. Secondly, we help to strengthen the voice of the industry, which in turn gives women a voice in their workplace. We push for diversity in roles, and equality in pay and benefit packages.

There is a long way to go. However, it’s our long-term goal to help our industry become more gender-balanced, ensuring PA jobs in London are filled by a PA recruitment agency which recognises the problem.

Let us know your thoughts on the gender-imbalance in the PA and executive assistant arena. We’d love to hear your thoughts.