Why you should make a vision board for your career

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It’s easy to take an accidental or incidental approach to a career in office support jobs in London. You go for the role that suits your skills and is available at the time, or ‘fall in’ to a career path. However, if you close your eyes and think about what you truly want from your career, does it match the career you’re living? Do you even know what that career looks like?

Visualising what you want from your career has a couple of core benefits. Firstly, it’s believed that the more you visualise something happening, the more it will come into being. It’s all about the Law of Attraction. Secondly, when you visualise something, you are more likely to take the steps to make it happen.

But knowing how to set about visualising your career in office support can be bewildering. So, a vision board is the tool to make it easier.

How to set up your career vision board

Typically, a vision board involves taking a huge sheet of paper or card and sticking on images that relate to the vision. Alternatively it could be a pin board or magnetic board. A digital age alternative that works particularly well for career boards is a Pinterest board, or a graphic tool like Canva, or simply screenshotting ideas for your phone and adding them to an album.

What matters is that there’s a collection of words, ideas and images in one place that you can easily and regularly refer back to.

Set some goals

You can aimlessly collect items for your vision board but with a career vision board, it’s best to have some clearly defined goals. It’s a bit intangible to think ‘I want to be happier at work’. It’s better if you can be a little more specific. So think about things that you want to do more of, new skills you want to learn, which strengths you want to hone and who inspires you. Don’t overthink it, but jot down key words for your vision board. Just this exercise alone can help you to more intentionally direct your career.

Look for content

Your next step is to add content to your career vision board. Use some of the words you’ve identified above to search for images on Google or on Pinterest. The image should encapsulate what you mean and inspire you. Either save them to your digital board or print them out and stick them to your physical vision board. If you want to work for a particular employer, find an image of their logo or premises, or if you want to work in central London, print out a classic image.

Revisit your board

Once you’ve made your board, it only becomes truly effective if you look at it regularly. If it’s physical, place it somewhere that you’ll see it regularly. If it’s digital, make sure that you occasionally take the time to go and take a look. Update your vision board as your goals change and your career develops. If you’re actively applying for new office support jobs in London then use your vision board to keep focused.

With targeted effort, a career vision board can help you intentionally shape your career. Need help with your next step? Register as a Love Success candidate.


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