What makes a great temp?

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There are many reasons why employers list temporary jobs in London. However, a misconception is that they are willing to sacrifice quality for speed when making the placement. This isn’t true. Yes, they aren’t as focused on things like long-term cultural fit, but they do want professionals. Indeed, they are often looking for temps with greater skills, as they need them to hit the ground running and offer value immediately.

As such, those looking for temp work in London need to create captivating and convincing applications. Realistically, your application should be as refined as if you are applying for a permanent role. It’s important to demonstrate the value you can add, from day 1, for a concentrated time. There are unique skills and attributes you need to showcase.

Important attributes on a temporary application


Number one, you must show that while your time with the company will be brief, it will be dedicated and taken seriously. You need to be reliably available when you say you will be, showing up on time every time and going above and beyond to deliver.


With temping in London, you need to hit the ground running. As such, you need to be skilled at navigating new workplaces and environments. You should be able to assimilate information quickly, embrace challenges and work with enthusiasm. Some of this adaptability comes with practice, in multiple temporary jobs in London, and it’s important to develop this skill moving forwards.


Gone are the days when temps were recruited to be people in seats. Now, short-term contracts are used to fill high-value and pivotal roles, especially at peak times, or times of growth. As such, you must thrive under pressure and actively be at your best and most robust when thrown, metaphorically, into the frying pan. Try to demonstrate resilience and the ability to work effectively under pressure on your CV and applications.

>Productivity and efficiency

As a temp, you need to be ready to go. The employer doesn’t want to use much of the limited time they have with you, training you. There is less time allowed for a temp to be truly efficient and productive. You need to be self-sufficient and have a raft of skills you can draw on, as well as being capable of learning new systems and processes quickly. Your self-reliance will help you stand out from the crowd.

>Friendly and professional

The best temps become a seamless part of the team quickly and painlessly. They adapt to the culture of the organisation and build working rapport with colleagues fast. Temps have the advantage that they don’t need to get embroiled in office politics. It also serves you well to use each temping placement as an opportunity to network.

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