Top tips from the pros on interview preparation

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Interview preparation can feel like a minefield. As a recruitment agency in London, we feel our candidates are highly successful in their interviews. We’ve spoken to some of our recent successful candidates to gather their top tips for interview preparation.

Prepare some answers

Martin says, “I find it really helpful and grounding to prepare some answers to some likely questions in advance. I don’t over-prepare them, as I don’t want to sound like I’m a parrot, but I do spend some time jotting down roughly how I will answer the most obvious questions”

“I think there’s even more to it than that,” says Mira. “I want to be prepared for competency questions. So, I think about examples that I can use that demonstrate core skills. So that these are fresh in my mind, I write down key details. For example, I will write down dates and figures, and think about the types of scenarios that my examples can be applied to.”

Using the job description

“When I’m preparing for a job interview, I always start with the job description,” says Kaylin. “This is a useful document for uncovering what the interviewer is really looking for. They’ve probably even written their interview questions around this document. I pull out the key skills they are looking for and think about how my own experience and skills match these.”

Doing your homework

Jyoti says, “I always spend some time before an interview on the company’s website, and also scouring LinkedIn. I Google the company and the function I’ll be working within and see if anything comes up. Not only does this help me determine if I want to work there, it also helps me feel more equipped for the interview. From dress codes to cultural vibe, I’ve got a better idea of what I’m walking into. From this research, I also jot down some more unusual questions which I can ask. These types of questions show that I am genuinely interested in the company and working for them.”

Market research

“I don’t just research the company,” says Aliah. “I also do some market research into similar roles for similar organisations. I try to find out how the organisation structure is different, and how specific roles differ and are viewed within the company. I look into the salary expectations for that role, as it will have changed since I was last job hunting and try to gauge the benefits package that I should expect. In short, I want to know my market worth before I go to interview so that I am prepared should negotiations happen within the interview.”

Organising the basics

Denholm reminds us, “Don’t forget the basics. Practice the route to the interview location if you can and think about parking or public transport. Set out your outfit and check it is clean (and still fits!). Think about timings and have copies of your CV printed off and to hand.

Are you ready for your next interview?

Succeeding at interview is a skill. Gaining support with interview preparation is one of the benefits of using recruitment agencies in London which help to prepare you and help you refine your interviewing skills.

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