The best questions you can ask at a job interview

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“Do you have any questions for us?” It’s asked at every interview and can send a shiver of fear down your spine. Even if you had a few questions up your sleeve, the interviewer managed to answer these as you went along. You can’t ask them now as it will reveal you haven’t paid attention. So, how can you prepare your questions in advance to ensure that you find out useful information and showcase your interest and suitability for the role?

We’ve spoken to successful candidates for office support jobs in London about the questions they’ve asked recently and found out why these were winning questions.

What is your onboarding process?

“I asked about the company’s onboarding process,” said Delia. “It shows a few things, but importantly shows that I am very keen to be part of their organisation. It’s also a really revealing question because you can learn more about how organised the organisation is, how strong HR is, and discover how well they look after new recruits. It’s important to know that you’ll be able to add value quickly.”

Why is this job vacancy open?

Janis told us, “Even when there’s a generic spiel in the advert about the company expanding, I ask this question and request more information. I might follow it up with “Did someone leave to create this vacancy and, if so, why?” This helps me learn more about the growth and development of the organisation and discover if there have been any red flags with the role, department or organisation before.”

What do you like and dislike about working here?

Amanda says, “It takes some courage to ask the hiring manager this question but it’s really revealing. It opens up a candid discussion about how they view the organisation and how to be successful within the organisation.”

What is the biggest challenge or top priority for someone doing this job?

“I ask this question because it shows that I am keen to make an impact,” says Carol. “It also acts as a springboard for me to go on with explaining how my skills and experience will enable success. It’s an opener to further sell myself.”

Based on our conversation today, can you envisage me in this role?

Carla says, “It takes gumption to ask this question but it’s a really valuable one to ask. Not only does it give you the heads up on likelihood of success, it gives you an opportunity to turn things around if the interviewer hasn’t understood something or has a misconception. You can use their answer to highlight how you will fit the role. It also shows that you are really keen to be considered.”

Can you tell me about my direct colleagues?

Sabrina says, “I want to know a little more about the people I will be working with, if I accept a job. You can ask how many people you’ll be working with, and how many of you report to the same manager. You can ask if they all work full time, and how long they have been in the organisation. It shows that you are genuinely interested in this role but also helps you to determine if the department will fit you culturally.”

Always prepare questions!

It’s imperative that you always prepare questions to ask at interview. It’s an opportunity to learn more but also showcase more of why you are a good fit for the role. Need help preparing for interview? Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.


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