How to stay motivated during your job hunt

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Losing motivation during your job hunt is all too easy but can stall your success. At our London recruitment agency, we’ve been chatting to some of our current candidates for office support jobs in London about how to keep motivated along the way.

1.    Take a break

Ash says, “Whenever I’m job hunting, I get almost obsessed with scouring the internet for new jobs, perfecting my CV and cover letter, and just generally spending inordinate amounts of time on the computer. It’s not good and soon leads to burn out with the job hunt. As such, I know it’s really important for me to take a break from the computer when job hunting. It breaks the cycle and helps me come back with a fresh approach and mind.”

2.    Add in some training

“I always take on some additional self-driven training around the time of a job search,” says Lizzie. “Not only does this show that I am a keen self-starter and invested in developing my own skills, I find it’s really useful for breaking up the monotony of job hunting. This has been particularly useful for me during this job hunt because I was made redundant. As such, I have a lot of time on my hands and that can lead to feeling demotivated. It’s also had the added benefit of enabling me to shift careers slightly.”

3.    Prioritise your physical health

Seb says, “When I am job hunting, I find it quite draining. I need to take time to create a routine around eating healthily and exercising often. I love to run and find that this is really useful for clearing my head as well as banishing any application or interview nerves. Even going for a walk to mull over the wording of my CV before I send it out helps me come back to it afresh. Also, if I feel good in myself then I will be more optimistic with my job search.”

4.    Look after your mental health

“It’s not just your physical health, but your mental health too,” says Chris. “I find job hunting to be an endurance test and so you need to be emotionally fighting fit. You need to be resilient as there are always knocks to your confidence along the way. You need to bounce back quickly from rejection and so it’s really important to make time to do things that help your mental health. For me, I get engrossed in a hobby, but for others it might be mindfulness, a trip away or just listening to some favourite music.”

5.    Review your goals

Phillip says, “If you’re feeling demotivated in your job search then it can be really useful to stop and review where you are. Think about what you want to achieve and write these down as goals. Then figure out fresh steps that you can take. It might be that you need to change tack, use a different recruitment agency, or change your CV.”

6.    Get support

Natalie says, “Don’t underestimate the importance of support. That’s why I always use a recruitment agency like Love Success. You benefit from their support and encouragement in your job search and that keeps you motivated.”

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