How to put temporary work on your CV

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Temping in London, particularly in office support jobs, is a fantastic way to earn money quickly whilst also acquiring really important industry and workplace experience. There are many reasons for choosing to do temporary jobs in London. You might was to boost your skills quickly. Perhaps you have needed shorter-term commitments to meet your lifestyle. Whatever the reason, these placements look great on your CV – but only if you know how to list them.

Mind the gap

Being out of work, even when it is not your fault, can be tricky to tackle on your CV. Future employers can be worried that notable career gaps show a lack of consistency or reveal weakness or lack of commitment.

A temporary placement can really help you here. If you’ve been made redundant, for example, and you’re struggling to quickly find a replacement job that closely matches your career aspirations, then temp work can help your CV remain consistent and without lengthy gaps.

Always value what temporary jobs in London can give you. It’s not just the wage, but also the experience, network and opportunities.

Keep things clear

We always assert that a CV needs very clear presentation. When you are listing temporary jobs in London, don’t try to hide them as something else. Keep your CV format simple and list dates clearly. You can abbreviate months, however, so that placements flow more easily. Use bullet points to draw attention to key skills and accomplishments.

An alternative approach

If you are a long-term serial temp, which is now a very valid career path, you may choose to take a different approach to your CV. For you, it may work better to group temporary placements together to demonstrate areas of experience. This is because listing every placement individually may lead to a cluttered CV that jumps around a lot.

Focus on achievements

When writing your CV, it’s really important to focus on achievements. This is particularly true when listing temporary jobs. You need to show that you added value quickly and efficiently in each and every role. This also helps potential employers see how you can add value to them.

Use your personal statement to explain

Your personal statement is an opportunity to align your career goals with the job you’re applying for. In this, you can showcase how your history in temporary jobs in London makes you a suitable candidate for the next role you’re applying for. Help the hiring manager see the benefit of recruiting someone with a wealth of experience and diverse skills.

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