How to choose a career when you don’t know what you want to do

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You’ve probably been asked it since you were knee high to a grasshopper: what do you want to do? When you’ve moved on from dreaming of being a vet because you like the family dog or a train driver because… well, trains are cool to 5 year olds, but you’ve not yet landed on something that ignites your passion, what do you do?

Whether you’re soon to leave school, about to graduate or have been working for a while, you’re not alone in still wondering what you want to do. It’s more common than you think. Chances are that you’re an exceptional all-rounder who hasn’t naturally eliminated career options. So, feel positive, and follow this advice from our leading London recruitment agency.

1.    Acknowledge and get comfortable with uncertainty

Your working life ahead of you is a long time. You don’t need to know the answer right now. It may come with experience, it may never be clear cut, but if you become anxious about this it can make it impossible to start any career with enthusiasm and confidence.

Instead, you may find it is more helpful to get to know yourself: your values, aspirations and hopes for the future. You can then choose job roles and careers that fit in with this.

However, remember that any decision now isn’t necessarily forever. Many people change careers multiple times throughout their working life. As long as you focus on building transitional skills, making a change down the line is no problem.

2.    Give it some dedicated thought

It’s surprising how little actual thought we tend to give our potential future beyond a career’s session or two at school. Think about your strengths, interests and passions and then get digging to find out what careers actually exist in line with these. If nothing else, eliminate what you don’t want to do.

Do plenty of research. There are so many different roles out there that many people are unaware of.

3.    Give it a try and get some experience

Reading about a potential career is one thing, but how do you actually know? Sometimes, you can only make a decision about a career path by giving it a go. Temporary jobs in London in office support are excellent for this. You can gain lots of experience in different organisations while also building excellent transitional skills that you can take forwards into any permanent role.

You may also discover that you want to build a career in office support, an area that is frequently overlooked. You may discover that actually you love working with numbers and head into payroll or accounts, or you may find out that you are an excellent administrator because of your organisational skills. Temping also gives you the opportunity to chat to lots of professionals on the ground about what a particular job is like in practice.

4.    Get professional support

Lastly, choose a leading London recruitment agency, like Love Success, and get support and assistance with finding your next role. Our professional consultants can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and take steps towards discovering your career. They can be honest about options and opportunities so that you can begin to discover what you’d really love to do.

We’d love to chat and help you figure out your next steps. Get in touch and arrange to meet one of our experienced consultants.


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