A Week in the Life of a Temp Office Support Worker in London

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There’s enormous variety to office support jobs in London. They are financially worthwhile and it’s a secure career path to choose, as there are always new vacancies. At the moment, those in temporary jobs in London are getting higher wages than ever and more choice with their placements. Temping in office support covers short-term leave like sickness or longer-term leave like maternity cover. It is also used for things like enabling a business to meet the demands of a particular project.

But what’s it really like being a temp in office support in London? We spoke to Carly, one of our sought after office support temps to find out what her daily life is really like.

Tell us about an average week doing temping work in London?

Every week can vary, but sometimes they are the same! It depends on the placement. I might be with one employer for as little as a day or two, or I could be with them for several months. My shortest placement was 8 hours and my longest has been 13 months. Partly, it’s the variety I love. I could be working in a media agency on a campaign or I could be typing up notes on a new finance scheme. Another week I might take off just because I fancy it!

Is it challenging to not have the job security we associate with permanent roles?

For me, not really, but I know some people crave that. I always think that I am no less secure in my roles than if I worked for one employer for less than 2 years anyway. And by temping through my chosen agency, I get some security that way. My Love Success consultant always has their eye out for my next placement. Plus, I love the benefit of flexibility that temping in London brings me, and I couldn’t get that in a permanent role.

How do you decide on your next placement?

I have a close relationship with the temps team at Love Success, so they know if I want to walk straight into my next placement or take a break. They know the sorts of things I like. I am a generalist admin support, so I can turn my hand to a wide range of admin roles. Often there are a few different options. I then tend to consider if it’s something that will interest me, where it is, who I will be working with and of course, the wages.

Tell us about what first days are like as a temp

It’s really important as a temp to hit the ground running. I need to add value immediately. I always get really tired on the first day as a result as I want to learn everything really quickly and I am concentrating so hard! At the end of the first day, I like to have a clear plan of action so on day 2 it’s like I’ve always been there. Fortunately I’m a fast learner!

Want to work in temporary jobs in London?

Temporary office support jobs in London are an excellent way to gain experience, build skills and work flexibly. Browse our temporary jobs. Many don’t make it to the listing as we fill them quickly, so registering is best!



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