Which Soft Skills Will Help You Land Your Next Job?

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The jobs market at the moment is tight. This means that employers are competing hard to get candidates, and candidates are in a strong position. As such, employers need to take a longer-term view and look for potential in their candidates over technical skills which are more easily taught.

So, more than ever, employers are looking to candidates’ soft skills to determine who will work out well in all of their office support jobs in London.

What are employers looking for?

Typically, employers look for candidates who have it all for their office support jobs. They have all the hard and technical skills they need (such as particular software) and all the soft skills they want (such as communication skills).

However, with candidate and skills shortages, employers will prioritise soft skills because they can more easily offer training to develop technical skills. It’s a lateral thinking approach to their recruitment. So, you need to know what soft skills most office support employers are looking for to secure the job you want.

Employers are primarily looking for:

  • Flexibility

In the wake of the pandemic and the advent of hybrid working, employers value employees with a great degree of flexibility; those who are open to and navigate change well and are highly resilient are desirable. Your approach to work should be can-do—this is very appreciated by employers.

  • Communication

Again, with hybrid working, communication skills must be exemplary. You must be adept at communicating with remote teams and confident with email, video calls, messaging, and face-to-face communication. You should be able to apply your communication skills effectively to a wide range of people.

  • Leadership

Leadership skills aren’t just sought after in leaders. Employers recognise that leadership skills are actually needed in all roles. They are closely tied to communication skills, showcasing your ability to encourage and persuade others effectively.

  • Creativity

Being creative and innovative is important in office support jobs. You need to be capable of driving fresh ideas and developing new ways of doing things to increase efficiency and move with the pace of change.

  • Accountability

With the move to hybrid working, employers also need to recruit independent and autonomous individuals. You need to be self-driven with a high degree of accountability. They need to rely on you getting the job done responsibly. You can add diligence and commitment to this soft skill, too.

Showcase soft skills on your CV

On your CV you will, of course, focus on your achievements, accomplishments, and the technical skills used throughout your career history. However, you should also ensure that you display your soft skills and demonstrate how these have been integral to your success. Employers want to know that you can adapt to the role and grow with the organisation, and soft skills are the cornerstones to this.

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