Using Temporary Jobs in London to Come Back into the Labour Market

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The pandemic put the foot on the pedal and brought retirement forward for many people. But as life goes back to normal, many have found they have been a bit too hasty. If you want to come back into the workplace after retirement, but want to do so on your own terms, then temporary office support jobs in London could be the answer.

Read on to discover how to get back into the workplace after retirement.

Why should you consider working post-retirement?

Many of us count down the days to retirement, keenly believing that long, nothing-filled days are exactly what we are looking for. The reality may not be like that. For many, the novelty of retirement wears off quite quickly. With fewer pennies in the pocket due to the cost of living crisis, this problem is exacerbated.

It can be difficult to manage days without structure and you may even feel that you’ve lost some of your identity since stopping work.

However, you aren’t alone in having retired early on the back of the pandemic. There’s currently a huge candidate shortage because many others like you have also stepped out of the workplace. The good news is that you’ll be made very welcome coming back in.

How to get back into the job market happily

Importantly, you should consider what was driving your desire to retire and what you’re missing from your working life. This will be unique to everyone, but there are often some common elements.

Stress is often cited and was indeed a driver for many retiring during the pandemic. You can return to work in a more junior role, and it will certainly be away from the previous stresses and strains of pandemic working.

Many older people retired during the pandemic for fear of working with others in close quarters. Those fears may not have entirely gone, despite the government’s assurance that we should pretty much get on with life as normal. The good news is that there are many jobs in office support which offer completely remote working, allowing you to safely work from home if you want to.

Flexibility is likely to be another reason. During the pandemic, office workers at home were, on average, working an extra two hours per day. That’s a huge amount and clearly unsustainable. Not only have working-from-home practices now bedded down to be more balanced in terms of work-life, you can also actively choose to come back into the workforce with more flexibility, even choosing part-time if you wish.

Temporary jobs in London are the best of both worlds

There is a huge number of temporary jobs in London within office support. This is a wonderful opportunity for people who retired during the pandemic to come back into the workforce in a lower stress and more flexible way. You can even have a hybrid retirement with some months at work when it suits you and some months living the retired life, perhaps travelling or doing voluntary work.

If you’d like to come back into the job market from retirement, our recruitment consultants are here to help. Give us a call on 020 7870 7177.


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