How Do You Decide Between Job Offers?

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You’re in an enviable position with more than one job offer on the table! But it’s actually quite tricky when it comes down to the nitty-gritty. Love Success is one of the leading recruitment agencies in London, and we’re increasingly seeing this scenario because of candidate shortages. So, how do you choose between job offers and make the best decision?

What do I do if I get more than one job offer?

Your number one rule at this point is transparency and honesty—to the potential employers, to any recruitment agencies involved, and to yourself. You may also wish to be transparent with your existing employer if you’d like to consider any counter offers in the mix.

Transparency earns you respect. It also allows you to find out more about the roles, putting you in a better position to make the right decision. As long as you make it clear that you are genuinely interested in that employer and their role, they are more likely to offer patience while you decide.

The wrong approach is to go incommunicado and stop responding to emails or messages. Not only does this jeopardise a positive start if you do choose that employer, it potentially burns bridges for the future too. In the worst case scenario, it could lead to the offer being retracted.

How to decide between job offers

It’s now a matter of weighing up the pros and cons of the different offers. We highly recommend literally sitting down with paper and a pen and making lists of the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

  • Do more research

Chances are that you did some research at the interview stage. Now, try to find out more. Scour every corner of their website, look on LinkedIn, and check out Glassdoor. Ask your recruitment agency about the employers if they helped you get the offers—they may have good insider knowledge. If you have questions, ask the employer.

  • Focus on the culture

If two or more jobs seem attractive, really try to consider how you will fit in the working environment. Your “fit” for the job largely relies on how you naturally match the culture. Consider the organisation’s values, but also try and find out more. If you know names, look up colleagues on LinkedIn, check the company blog, and maybe even ask to meet some of the team.

  • Consider the role

All of the above is not to say that the details of the role aren’t important. Check that the position matches your expectations. You can ask for a copy of the job description, if you don’t already have this from the recruitment process. Crucially, look for potential. Assuming the job itself ticks your career boxes, what does it offer for the future? Consider other elements such as flexibility as well.

  • Terms and conditions

When all things are equal, it may be necessary to make comparisons based on the terms of the offer. How does annual leave and sickness provision compare? What about pension contributions and employee assistance programmes? What will your commute be like? What about the basic salary and likelihood of potential bonuses?

Realistically, you need to make a decision for most job offers within a week. Be professional and take responsibility for the decision, and you will make the right one in a way that ensures the best start to your new role and protects options with the other employer(s) in the long run.

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