Best tools and apps for those in PA jobs in London

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Those in PA jobs in London in 2022 have a whole raft of apps and tools at their fingertips to make their working life more automated and streamlined. Part of your skill as a PA is knowing which to use!

We’ve split our list into websites/online tools and apps to make it easier.

Best websites and online tools for PAs


Sign up for Grammarly and not only can you upload word documents for A-star proofreading, but you can get it working in the background on everything you type. Writing an email? Grammarly is there checking there are no typos. Usings WhatsApp web? It’s there too.

Wondershare Filmora

Is your executive increasingly putting videos in their presentations? Do you have to take on the role of video editor and feel a bit bewildered? If so, then something like Wondershare Filmora will help. It is excellent video editing software which is intuitive and easy to use. BombBomb is great for instantly sharing videos if you need to make and share them quickly.

TimeZone Ninja

If the business you work in is international, or your executive is often in different locations, then you need TimeZone Ninja. It allows you to confidently schedule meetings and events with people calling in from places as diverse as Auckland, Los Angeles and Rome and know that you’re not expecting anyone to be logging in at 2am.

Small PDF

PDFs are great, but they can also be a mare to edit or do anything with when you’re on the move. Small PDF allows you to edit, compress, convert, or do whatever you want to do to a PDF. It’s simple.


Record and transcribe audio with ease with Otter. You can record directly from your PC or phone and it has lots of nifty solutions included. It even integrates with Zoom. It’s great for managing online meetings and taking minutes. It’ll even pull out key phrases when they occur. Your executive can even use it to record their meetings and send you the transcript to pull out any actions.

Best apps for PAs

Apple shortcuts

If you use an iPhone then Apple shortcuts allows you to create shortcuts that work for you. For example, you can do things such as automatically listen to the news when your phone detects you’ve started your commute (GPS). It’s clever stuff.


Should you need to hop between devices regularly, you’ll know that it’s easy to lose track. Use Pushbullet to connect your devices, so that you can use them as one. That way, nothing gets lost. Another tool that can help in a similar way is RemotePC.


Workfrom is great if you travel with your executive, or want to know somewhere near an event that you can nip in and start working. It can also help if your executive is on the move and needs to know where they can get some work done. It uses your current location to find somewhere suitable for you to work. It includes cafes and paid spaces, but also places like libraries.

Here we’ve tried to list some of the apps and tools that you wouldn’t automatically think of. We know that those in PA jobs in London have their favoured to-do list and project management apps, so we hope the above provides you with something different.


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